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Epson MovieMate 60 - Image Quality-2

Posted on January 22, 2009 by Art Feierman
We'll start with the The Fifth Element image of the Starship. As you can see, the exposure is fairly normal yet you can see that the blacks of the background are not as black as some other images below. The best one to compare to is probably the last one, the Mitsubishi HC1600, a 720p DLP projector that had particularly good black level performance among lower cost 720p projectors. The MovieMate 60, though is a touch underexposed, compared to the HC1600, so you don't see as many stars. Don't worry about that. They are there, as you can see, in the overexposed version.

MovieMate 60 Black Levels & Shadow Detail

Here's the same image, dramatically overexposed, which gives you a good perspective as to the black level performance. Note how bright (lightness of the background space, and of the letterboxing at top and bottom) is, relative to the overexposed starship. Projectors with much better black levels would produce similar brightness in the starship, but with much darker space background and, also brighter letterboxing:

MovieMate 60 5thelement starship large
MovieMate 60 5thelement starship over large
Home Cinema 700 5thelement starship large
HC1600 5thElement starship large

Another space scene from Space Cowboys below. The space looks pretty dark, but blacks just aren't as black as you will find on some not too much more expensive stand alone projectors.

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