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Epson MovieMate 60 Projector Review 2

Posted on October 12, 2009 by Art Feierman
Located lower on the back of the MovieMate 60, and shown above, are the coaxial audio output, the USB input, handy for showing photos, etc. from memory cards and flash drives, and finally, an interesting addition, a microphone input. Hmm, Karaoke? or for a business presentation, or...?

Epson MovieMate 60 Menus

There are two menu structures. The first are general projector controls, the second menu groupings cover some of the "all-in-one" aspects.

To the right, is the Visual Setup. Each of the first three options, when selected, brings up a single item at a time. For example selecting Image brings up Brightness, with a slider control. Hitting the left or right adjusts the brightness. Pressing up or down, though takes you to the next item, such as Contrast, or Power Consumption (shown below), or Dynamic Iris (off/on). The MovieMate 60 offers good basic controls but, for example there are no RGB controls for doing a calibration and grayscale balance. Finally, there's the Info button which provides some basic info such as resolution.

Epson MovieMate 60 Menus Slideshow

Epson MovieMate 60

MovieMate 60 menu visualsetup

Epson MovieMate 60

MovieMate 60 menu powerconsumption

Epson MovieMate 60

MovieMate 60 menu audiosetup

Epson MovieMate 60

MovieMate 60 menu otherssetup

The second menu group, for the whole unit, starts with Language selection (the A icon below). To its right are the audio, and then the Setup menus.

Shown in the image to the right, are the Audio controls. As you can see you can control the digital audio out, and there's a very handy option (that every AV receiver should have), which is Night Mode.

Night mode is great when you want to watch, but people are sleeping or want the noise kept under control. Basically it compresses the audio range so that there isn't as big a jump from quiet conversation to noisy action filled type audio. You know how sometimes you have to turn down the action because it's too noisy, then you can't hear the people's conversation in the next scene? Well, this helps.

To the right is Setup page where you can navigate those images from that memory card, or flash drive, you can password protect up to 40 movies, and even select screen saving options. The MovieMate 60 also supports DivX.

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