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Epson Ensemble HD 1080 Competitive Aspects

Epson Ensemble HD 1080 Competitive Aspects

Ahh, this is pretty straightforward. The Epson Ensemble HD 1080 has no direct competition. Easy installation, and easy use, combined with high quality, is what it’s about. While you can buy all kinds of high quality, the EASY has eluded home theater projector based theaters until now.

If you were trying to compare picking everything out separately, the question is, can you do better for the same or less money. I personally seriously doubt you can. OK, if you plan to do all the installation yourself, you might be able to, but you will be spending a lot more hours doing your room than the Epson system (using the wiring channels) will take. If you don’t assign a value to your time, then that levels the pricing out.

The included projector, I could say, is about as good as any other 1080p projector selling for $2500 or less. The sound system (including A/V receiver functions), is likely as good as about anything you can pick out for $2000 to $2500, and better than most. A nice motorized screen with full remote control figure $500 – $1000. Then there’s the built-in, upscaling DVD player ($100 for an equivalent), the programmable remote itself (I’m guessing under $150), plus, probably $200 to pay someone to program it to the level of functionality that it comes with in this system. Add it all up, and using the low numbers, excluding installation, and setup of all the equipment, I still come up with about $5500, and add $500 for good wiring. $6000 before you take the first step toward installing it! Plus if you want unobtrusive speakers (in-walls or in ceiling – considering that the Ensemble HD’s speakers are essentially invisible, in that they are in the screen and projector’s housings), more expense and installation time. So, as I see it, assuming you pay someone even $100/hour for labor, and have to go in-wall, I really don’t see how you can get the job done for under $7000 – $8000. Worse, since nothing is pre-integrated, the installation is definitely going to drag out!

So, bottom line: No real competition. You can spend more, and get the same quality, or better, but, again, unless you have the skills (and electrical license) to do it all up to code, and don’t count your time and effort, I don’t see how you can get this level of system for this price or less.

Again, though the real issue here, is the ease of going from “I want a real home theater” to Having A Real Home Theater! Nothing could be simpler, or faster, than the Epson Ensemble HD!

Epson Ensemble HD 1080 Complete Home Theater Projector System: Summary

When Epson announced the Ensemble HD a year ago at CEDIA, my mind immediately shouted to me: This is a phenomenal idea!

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I couldn’t wait for it to hit the market. The only real disappointment, in my book was the choice of the standard Home Cinema 1080 instead of the UB version. At the same time, I knew before, and still know after extensive watching of the Ensemble HD, that the included projector should really please just about everyone considering the system. I know some of the video enthusiasts may be disappointed, but they may be able do get a dealer to upgrade them, for significant extra money.

Other than that, Epson can also widen its reach, by offering a 2nd screen size (I’d recommend something in the 84″ to 90″ diagonal range for smaller rooms – primarily “bedroom conversions”, and one size larger screen would also be nice, (106 or 110 inches diagonal), but most won’t care about larger. (100″ diagonal is the sweet spot in the market.)

Epson Ensemble HD 1080 Complete Home Theater Projector Based System - Bottom Line:

This is so easy! if you always wanted a real home theater system (plasmas and LCDTV’s are way too small), you don’t want to contemplate the huge job of deciding on the many individual components, and you can scrape up the roughly $7000 to $8000, then my recommendation is to get off the internet, and go buy the Epson Ensemble HD!

People, this is exactly why you have credit cards!

This can definitely be one of the great “impluse buys” of all time!

Less than a one day installation – talk about instant gratification!

Epson has, to put it simply, has made great home theater something that millions can have – right away, with the absolute minimum of fuss, stressing and aggravation.

I do believe there is a scientific theorem that applies to the Epson Ensemble HD1080 Home Theater System:

Desire for a theater + a usable room + Easy wife approval (meaning no “you can’t clutter up the room with all that junk” issues) + $7000 and change + <24 hours = OMG!

Back in my high school days, we learned in math to do Proofs of theorems, to acertain their validity (and prove we had brains). Well, everyone, I can say, right now, the final Proof, is fully operational in my 2nd Theater room (T2).

Congratuations to EPSON for an extremely well deserved HOT PRODUCT Award, and our first ever OUTSTANDING PRODUCT Award, for the Ensemble HD 1080 Home Theater System!

A last word:

Great Home Theater for the Masses: Epson Ensemble HD 1080 – Buy one, it’s good for the economy, and great for your soul!