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Epson Home Cinema 1440 Projector Review - Calibration Info

Posted on December 28, 2015 by Art Feierman
HOME CINEMA 1440 CALIBRATION INFORMATION:  Color Temp in different modes, Adjustments to General Settings

Basic Adjustments to Default Picture Settings

Header Content
Adjustment Bright Cinema Dynamic Cinema Game
Contrast -2 -3 -1 -1
Brightness 0 1 1 1
C. Saturation (0)
Tint (0)
Color Temp 1 2 1 0
Auto Iris High Speed High Speed High Speed High Speed
Gamma (0)

Numbers in () are the defaults, if an area is blank,  use the default setting
All other settings at defaults
Auto Iris is off
Zoom lens is at mid-point
Lamp mode on Normal - full power - (unless noted otherwise)

As the Epson HC1440 is a projector that starts out with really good color, and because it's more of a bright room home "entertainment" projector than one designed for a dedicated home theater, I made the call not to perform a full calibration.

Thus, there is no "subscriber only" Advanced Calibration page.

But Mike did take a full set of measurements.

The first table (above) shows his recommended basic settings for each mode.

The second, below is a repeat of the lumens brightness table on the previous page, but we've added the color temp measured for white (100 IRE).  The desired color temp, of course, is 6500K. so that all of these modes are close.

HC1440 Brightness, by Color Mode (mid-point on zoom)
Mode Lumens Color Temp (100IRE)
Dynamic 4722 6339
Bright Cinema 3623 6861
Cinema 3713 6374
Game 3541 6867

Finally, the last table shows the actual color temp measurements for each IRE (from dark gray to white) across the range for the Cinema mode.

HC1440 Color Measurements (of Cinema mode) by IRE
100 IRE 6861K
90 IRE 6824K
80 IRE 6750K
70 IRE 6711K
60 IRE 6660K
50 IRE 6591K
40 IRE 6573K
30 IRE 6469K
20 IRE 6647K

That gives you a pretty good idea of how accurate the color is. It is, in fact measuring closer to the desired 6500K than some far more expensive projectors with THX modes!

What we didn't do is adjust each individual primary and secondary color.

If this projector was calibrated fully, the color temp would get a very minimal adjustment if any (probably blue gain adjusted downward by 1), and that would be a minimal adjustment to the upper brightness ranges to reduce color temp by only a couple/few hundred degrees Kelvin (from mostly around 6700K down to the target 6500K.

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