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Epson Home Cinema 3500 Projector Review - Advanced Calibration Information

Posted on November 4, 2014 by Phil Jones

About this Calibration Information

Mike completed the CMS calibration of the individual colors, which are provided below. And, of course, some additional comments from him.

NOTE: The calibration below was collected from the Epson Home Cinema 3600e. However, for almost all purposes, the 3500 and the 3600e are essentially the same projector.

CMS Calibration

Color Management Settings
Red Green Blue Cyan Magenta Yellow
Hue -17 0 13 -1 0 1
Saturation -1 0 -31 -49 0 -14
Brightness -2 -1 20 36 -1 9


Mike's CMS Calibration Notes: The color gamut is very good by default in Natural mode.  No one color was off of the Rec. 709 by much, if at all, which is unusual with many projectors.  The only color where the chromaticity error exceeded 2.5% was red, with most of the error of the other colors averaging less 1.5%.  After adjustments, the highest error was in Red saturation, which was low and could not be brought up to scratch even with maximum adjustment.  However, every other chromaticity error was reduced to 1.0% or less.  Overall, skin tones looked good, maybe a bit red for my tastes, but you can always use the skin tone adjustment if you like a little more or less red.

Mike's Grayscale Calibration Notes: 

Grayscale is decent, but not great, right out of the box in Natural mode.  The higher IRE range is fine, but the lower range has too much red and blue.  It calibrated fairly well (see graph), with Delta E of 2.2 or less for the 30-100 IRE range, increasing quite a bit to 8.2 at 20 IRE.  The default gamma setting gave a good average gamma of 2.22.

The Quick Cal of Dynamic reduces the green that’s apparent in whites and the blue that shows up in the grays, but it ends up being only a few hundred lumens greater than the calibrated Natural mode, which at 2245 lumens should be enough for any viewing application.

Calibration Charts

Pre- and post-calibration charts for the Epson 3600e, click to enlarge.

Epson 3600e Pre-Calibration CIE Chart

Epson 3600e Post-Calibration CMS Chart

Epson 3600e Gamma Chart

Epson 3600e Grayscale Chart

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