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Epson Home Cinema 5010 Projector - Physical Tour 1

Posted on October 7, 2013 by Art Feierman

Home Cinema 5010 Menus

Check out the HC3010's menus which are similar. The HC5010 has a few extra features, such as CFI, but they are 95% the same.

Epson Home Cinema 5010 Remote Control

Click to enlarge. So close. It's big, loaded with buttons, and works rather well. A similar remote control is used for the lower cost Home Cinema 5010, but that one has a few less buttons. My only real objection then, was that as a long remote, it would have been nicer to have the backlight button closer to where you would grip the remote for balance. Or, let any key light the remote! That, though covers the complaints, as range is very good, handling an 30 foot trip with a bounce off of my 1.3 gain Stewart Firehawk G3.

Let's take a look: (tomorrow)

Click Image to Enlarge

Epson Home Cinema 5010 Lens Throw

Epson's 2.1:1 zoom ratio is the same as the older Home Cinema 8700UB and previous generations. That's a little more than most LCD and LCoS projectors (just about all are between 1.5:1 and 2:1), and a lot more than any of the under $5000 DLP projectors (which max out at 1.6:1, I believe).

For filling a 100 inch diagonal, 16:9 aspect ratio screen, the projector - measured from the front of the lens to the screen - can be as close as 9.8 feet or as far back as 20.9 feet. You can calculate distances for other screen sizes, by starting with those numbers.

Home Cinema 5010 Lens Shift

This Epson has plenty of lens shift too! For that same 100 inch screen, the Epson can be placed, (normal or inverted), anywhere from 22.7 inches above the top of the screen surface, all the way down to 22.7 inches below the bottom of the screen surface. That is measured from the center of the lens. There is also a good amount of horizontal lens shift. Using horizontal lens shift will partially limit the range of the vertical lens shift (and vice versa).

The combination of the wide range zoom lens, and excellent lens shift, makes ceiling mounting, or shelf mounting the Home Cinema 5010, practical, in almost any room situattion.

Anamorphic Lens - Wide Screen

Epson does not support an anamorphic lens with either the Home Cinema 5010 or the 5010e. The Pro Cinema 6010 is the one you want if an anamorphic lens is in your future. (The Pro costs more, but also comes with a 3rd year warranty, and I believe, a spare lamp and ceiling mount).

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