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Epson Home Cinema 5010 Projector - Image Quality 3

Posted on October 8, 2013 by Art Feierman

Black Level and Shadow Detail Performance: Home Cinema 5010 Projector - Bottom Line

Awesome, when you consider this is a $2700 3D capable projector. That's doubly true when you consider that, while dark shadow detail is very good, it's the blacks that are unmatched anywhere near the price. Those really dark scenes in Harry Potter's Order of Phoenix (in the Ministry of Magic) are superb.


It's this combination, and especially the blacks aspect that is perhaps the number one reason, I'm a big Epson fan. If you calibrate, these days, it's not hard to get excellent color, but to have a really dark image like the train scene, or even tougher ones look great, when most others only look average, that's what has always worked for me.

Epson Home Cinema 5010 - Overall Color & Picture Quality

A mix of additional images to show off the Epson Home Cinema 5010.

Short version (Thanksgiving day). The Epson calibrates well, the colors are nice and natural. Rich inky blacks compared to any of the competition, though, are what really give the Epson HC5010 the edge. As always, the projector will look better, and be more accurate in your environment, than these images can capture. And 3D is something to behold over here. No question, for 3D the Epson rocks. All that horsepower, plus respectable overall 3D picture quality. (If only they left the dynamic iris alive in 3D, then I might have said ...the Epson really Rocks!)

For 2D, hey, it's pretty much just like last year's Epson Home Cinema 8700UB (except for the extra muscle). That makes the Epson better in 2D as well.


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