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Epson Home Cinema 5010 Projector Calibration and Settings 1

Posted on October 8, 2013 by Art Feierman

Home Cinema 5010 Greyscale Calibration

Color Temp over IRE Range (Post calibration): User 1
20 IRE 6528
30 IRE  6495
40 IRE 6481
50 IRE 6626
60 IRE 6611
70 IRE 6547
80 IRE 6525
90 IRE 6540
100 IRE 6513
Average gamma 2.05

No problem calibrating the Home Cinema 5010 projector - the grayscale ends up a nice and tight, spanning less than a 150 degree range, averaging just above 6500K.

The gamma, however, meaured a bit low. Mike reports this is due to an unusual dip in the gamma in the brighter range. For the most part, this 2.05 gamma, looks generally more like 2.2 or 2.3 than a 2.05.

Click to enlarge. So close. Epson is sending a second Home Cinema 5010, so Mike can see if the gamma issue, and Delta E issue discribed below, is repeatable. Here are Mike's comments, regarding the gamma, calibration and CMS. Mike Notes:  Using a gamma setting less than 2.4 results in gamma being even lower.  The 2.05 gamma is deceiving because of a huge drop in gamma at 90 IRE.  That really shouldn’t happen and makes me wonder if there’s something out of whack in the electronics or the lamp.  If you average the rest of the gamma readings, it’s at 2.15. Look at the grayscale graph and Delta E graph.  Calibration strives to achieve a Delta E of less than 3 for each step from 20-100 IRE.  That’s not always possible at 20 or 100, but it’s usually close and no more than 5.  Here we have a Delta E right around 1 for the entire range, but then jumping to over 10 at 100 IRE.  Could be the same issue that causes the gamma dip.

As far as the color is concerned, the CMS that could be used to reduce the oversaturated green and bring magenta into line.

Click Image to Enlarge

Home Cinema 5010 RGB Settings

Below are Mike's adjustments for his for the REC 709 and Dynamic modes. Again the goal of "best" is a great looking 6500K grayscale, and the goal of "brightest" is to improve a bright mode in terms of color accuracy, but without compromising brightness significantly.

Home Cinema 5010 Post Calibration settings:

Home Cinema 5010 Post Calibration settings:
Cinema (on User 1) Quick Cal of Dynamic (on User 2)
Offset R = 10 R= 0
G = -2 G= 0
B = 1 B= 0
Gain R = -2 R= 0
G = 6 G= -10
B = -5 B= 0
Post Calibration changes:
Color Saturation -10 -10
Tint 4 0
Gamma 2.4 2.4
Lumens at 100 IRE 630

Ok, that's all we have for you. try our Home Cinema 5010 settings out, if you like. We will update this page, if anything significant comes out of the second projector, when we get, and look at it. Mike will rerun the gamma, and possibly other measurements.

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