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Epson Home Cinema 6100 - Performance 1

Posted on October 10, 2013 by Art Feierman

Another factor that comes into play is the positioning of the projector, in terms of distance from a given sized screen. A projector puts fewer lumens on the screen when the lens is at full telephoto, than at the mid-point, and significantly less than wide angle (which is half the distance to the screen as telephoto), for this projector.

Consider, if you choose to shelf mount in the back of your room, in most cases you will be somewhere between mid-point on the zoom, and telephoto. If you ceiling mount the Epson, near its closest possible mounting point, you will get a very significant boost in lumens. Here are numbers for full wide-angle, mid-point, and full telephoto, taken using the Dynamic mode. The percentage differences should be the same, regardless of which mode you are using. Except for the Wide and Tele numbers below, all measurements are taken with the lens at mid-point setting.

Brightness Measurements :
Wide-Angle 2266 lumens
Mid-point 2057 approximately 9% dimmer than Wide, 28% brighter than Tele
Telephoto 1609 lumens

That covers the brightness measurements out of the box. There are slight differences after calibration, which are reported in the Calibration section.

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