Epson LightScene EV-100 Laser Projector Review - Special Features 1

Posted on May 14, 2019 by Phil Jones

Epson LightScene EV-100 Laser Projector Review – Special Features: Laser Light Engine, Spotlight Mode, Projector Content Manager

Laser Light Engine

The EV-100 uses a dual blue laser light engine. One blue laser ultimately hits phosphor wheels to generate red and yellow beams, while the other blue laser handles the blue component. As with all 3LCD projectors a dichroic prism is used to re-assemble the three different colors into a single full color image.

Epson rates their laser light engine for 20,000 hours at full power. As with a lamp-based system, the life rating is the point where 50% of the brightness has been lost. Once the light engine has run for 30,000 hours, the brightness will be reduced to 30%.

There are four modes to adjust the brightness output of the laser light source. Under the Light Source Mode setting you can choose one of the following:

Normal: Sets the brightness to the maximum level (estimated life span of the light source is approximately 20,000 hours)

Quiet: Sets the brightness to 75% and reduces fan noise 

Extended: Sets the brightness to 70% and extends the life expectancy of the light source while reducing power consumption.

Custom: Select a custom brightness level between 50% and 100%

If you select Custom, select the Brightness Level setting from the Brightness Settings screen and use the left and right arrow buttons on the remote control to adjust the brightness level.

Spotlight Mode

In addition to projecting video and images you can also use the LightScene EV-100 as a spotlight and project a virtual spotlight onto an object. There is a dedicate spotlight button located at the upper right-hand corner of the remote to activate this feature. The spotlight’s position, size, shape and width can be customized. By pressing the Effect button on the remote you can apply the overlay effect and shape filters to the spotlight.


Using the Epson Projector Content Manager software, you can create engaging visual experiences for the EV-100 by layering shape effects and color filters over videos, photos or the spotlight.
There are 6 standard shape effect filters which are Circle 1,2 3 and Rectangle 1,2,3. Using the Epson Projector Content Manager software you can also create up to 4 additional custom shapes. The program accepts a variety of image and video formats. If you have a movie file in a format that is not supported, the software can be utilized to convert the file to a supported file type.
Once you create customized presentations, you can save them along with other images and movies as playlists on an external SD card. While configuring a playlist you can also add transitions, loop playback and even specify when each playlist starts and stops.

Since you can project your stored playlist content off an SD card inserted into the EV-100 projector this removes the need to connect an external source like a laptop or media player. You can even setup synchronized playback of the same or different playlists on multiple EV-100 projectors.

Playlists stored on an inserted SD Card can be accessed directly by pressing the SD Viewer button on the projector's remote and selecting the desired playlist from the displayed list. You can also automatically start a specific playlist by pressing the playlist’s corresponding number button on the projector's remote control.
If you press the Effect button on the EV-100 remote control, you can select a standard or customized shape effect filters and apply it to the spotlight or the playlists stored on the inserted SD Card.

The Projector Content Manager software is basic and there are far more powerful 3rd party tools available which could be used to create more elaborate graphics and presentation for retail displays. However, Project Content Manager is very easy to use and combining this software with other LightScene EV-100 features like Edge Blending and Spotlight Mode could produce some very engaging visual experiences.

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