Epson LightScene EV-100 Laser Projector Review - Special Features 2

Posted on May 14, 2019 by Phil Jones

Epson LightScene EV-100 Laser Projector Review – Special Features: Projection Mapping & Edge Blending,Content Over IP,Network Management Tools

Projection Mapping & Edge Blending

Projection mapping is masking the image digitally to light up non-traditional, often three-dimensional objects. This is frequently used at concerts, museums and other digital signage applications. While there are powerful software-based projector mapping solutions, the EV-100 has basic geometric correction features which lets you correct image distortion caused by projecting an image onto a curved or right-angled screen. 

If you need more light output or want to utilize multiple EV-100 projectors to display a larger or wider aspect image, the projector is equipped with several features to make that goal easier.

By utilizing Edge Blending, you can split an image over multiple projectors and display it as one large image while reducing the hard transition from one projector to another. Under the Blend Range menu’s sub-setting, you can fine-tune the blend’s starting position and the width of the blended area. You can use the projector's Black Level setting to make the difference even less noticeable. The result is an image that looks seamless, like it’s being displayed by a single projector.

A laser light engine offers a significant advantage over a bulb-based system in a long-term projector installation. If multiple lamp-based projectors are used, not only would the bulbs fail regularly, they will dim at different rates causing color and brightness shifts. You would need to replace all the bulbs each time one failed to ensure similar characteristics and some additional calibration would probably still be required to produce ideal picture quality. For Edge Blending application, laser projectors make for the ideal solution.

The images below show how several EV-100 projectors could be incorporated into a retail space, museum, restaurant to deliver a unique immersive experience. Multiple LightScene EV-100 projectors can be synchronized to provide some great visual effects especially when Edge Blending is combined with other features like Projector Mapping and Spotlight Mode.

Content over IP

Content over IP is hardly a unique feature but a very useful one for any application where several computers and projectors are on the network, for example in business settings or schools. In the past, the only way to show content on a projector from a computer or video source was to physically connect them. Epson has developed two programs which are compatible with their networkable projectors like the EV-100, that make it easier to display content from a laptop or mobile device located across the room.

First using Epson’s iProjection software, the EV-100 can access and present content for a PC or Mac directly over the network. While it works well with computers and various video sources, there is an app-based version of iProjection which lets you project from an iOS or Android mobile device.

Second, you can use Epson’s Multi-PC Moderator software to project up to four different sources (computer, tablets or phone) simultaneously onto four quadrants on the EV-100. The four sources can be chosen from up to 50 separate sources selected via Moderator. This application could be perfect for classroom type trainings, as well as for showing content simultaneously from different types of sources.

Network Management Tools

Once you connect EV-100 to a network you can access its status, control the units and even perform updates via a PC or laptop. You can adjust the projector settings and control the EV-100 using a compatible web browser. Epson also offers two software program options which can be used to monitor and update an EV-100 projector. 

Epson Projector Management software allows you to check the status of multiple networked projectors and perform various projector operations from your computer. You can monitor the status of multiple projectors and get information such as such as power status, errors, and warnings so you are alerted to projector abnormalities immediately. A networked projector can be configured to send you an e-mail alert if there is a problem. The email will list the name of the projector experiencing a problem and detailed information about the issue. You can also select individual projectors or projector groups to check detailed information such as the usage hours of the projector light source, the current input source and any current errors or warnings. This software is more focused on monitoring.

EasyMP Network Updater is an application for updating the firmware of a projector over a wired LAN. You can also schedule when the firmware updates will take place. Once you select a projector's menu settings, you can use the program to copy the settings to multiple projectors of the same type in a batch setup operation. Easy-MP Network Updater is free and can be downloaded from Epson’s support site.

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