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Epson MG-850HD Projector Special Features

PCFree Presentation

This feature enables you to display photos (.jpg, .png, .gif and .bmp formats only) stored on a USB storage device, without the use of a PC.  Slideshow presentations can then be made from the USB storage device.

Multiple Built-in Audio Modes

The MG-850HD has four different audio modes for its built-in 10-watt speaker system.  These are as follows:

  • Standard – Outputs sound at standard quality.
  • Vocal – Makes voices and dialog easier to hear.
  • Music – Clarifies low-pitch and high-pitch sounds.
  • Movie – Emphasizes low-pitch and high-pitch sounds.

Built-in iPod, iPhone and iPad Dock

The MG-850HD’s built-in iPod dock allows the user to access music, videos and photos on their iPod, iPhone or iPad.  When plugged in, a menu comes up on-screen to access music and other media downloaded from iTunes.  Photos taken with an iPhone can be accessed directly from the iPhone, not though the menu.  The dock also charges the attached device and allows for music playback either with or without any display.

Auto light sensor

There is a light sensor on the top of the projector that, when the color mode is set on Auto, will select one of the other color modes that’s appropriate for the lighting conditions (i.e.; Dynamic if there’s a lot of ambient light or Cinema if the projector’s in a dark room.