Epson PowerLite L610W Laser Projector - Image Quality and Sound

October 9, 2018

Epson PowerLite L610W Laser Projector Review – Picture and Sound Quality: Color Modes, Video Image Quality, Text and Presentation Quality, Audio Quality

Color Modes

Out of the Box Picture Quality
In the color department, the Epson PowerLite L610W is as expected from an Epson. Thanks to a combination of the laser light source and Epson’s signature 3LCD technology, not only do you get a high brightness and accurate color representation, your laser projector is going to keep that color performance performing strongly through the life of the projector and operate virtually maintenance free. You will see in seconds once you power the projector on, beautiful, bright, and most importantly, non-distorted colors will grace your screen in all modes including the brightest. (Dynamic)

In general, anyone who knows Epson projectors knows you are going to get extremely bright images with equally as accurate color representations. This projector is no different.

The brightest setting, Dynamic, looks as good as one could possibly expect from the brightest setting on a projector in terms of maintaining accurate colors. Having now reviewed Epson's typical 3 LCD projectors, this Laser Light source projector, and a few other brands' single chip DLP projectors, I can say with confidence that the Laser Light performance provided the truest looking colors, shining bright and vividly for a beautiful image projected on the projector's brightest settings. Presentation Mode and Cinema Mode only added to the beauty when turned on, as intended, and you really do not have to sacrifice much brightness in order to achieve this excellent color performance. sRGB ends up with solid color as well and the brightness is right around Cinema mode's.

Video Image Quality

Each of these images is taken with the brightest Lamp Setting and Cinema Mode. The Epson PowerLite L610W performed way better than I expected. With regards to Image Quality, I was not sure what the lack of full HD picture might do but I was pleasantly surprised to find a sharp, bold, picture that met my standards of high quality HD. It’s not quite a top of the line image for movies and shows at home, but given that is not the intended purpose for this larger education and business device, that is not a ding at all. The L610W has a seriously sharp and crisp out of the box picture and your audience will appreciate that and they will be impressed!

Text and Presentation Quality

Claiming a contrast ratio up to 2,500,000:1 combined with the WXGA native resolution, the Epson PowerLite L610W delivers crisp and clear images and words in the Text and Presentation Quality department. Text is sharp.

Presentations were especially sharp with bold colors throughout and as mentioned before, the sheer powerful brightness will have zero issues being seen, even during the most inopportune times or in the toughest well-lit environments..

Audio Quality


The Epson PowerLite L610W comes equipped with a solid but unspectacular 10 watt speaker. It is more than loud enough to fill a small to medium sized classroom or boardroom, but you will be pushing your luck for anything beyond that, especially as the quality itself of the audio is nothing to write home about. Solid but unspectacular, but most likely, if you’re buying this projector, I expect you’ll likely have a bit more advanced sound hooked up than rather than relying on the L610W’s built in speaker.

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