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Epson Pro EX10000 3LCD 1080p Wireless Laser Projector Review – Hardware

Posted on December 31, 2021 by Kam Valentine


The black chassis is not flashy and should not be a distraction in any business, educational, or house of worship setting. The Pro EX10000 measures 12.80” W x 4.10” H x 11.80” D and only weighs in at 9.1 pounds. The included soft-sided carrying case ensures the chassis will not get beat up during transportation to and from conference rooms or classrooms.

The Pro EX10000 has a control panel located on the top of the chassis

Unlike some other projectors, the Pro EX10000 chassis has a control panel built into the top of it. So, if you misplace the remote control, you will still be able to use the projector and its features. The Pro EX10000 is also Creston and Control4 certified, making the projector easy to fit into any of those automation solutions to make your tasks easier while improving efficiency and productivity.


The Epson Pro EX10000 remote is the standard Epson remote made from plastic. The remote fits nicely in hand, and the controls are easy to use. Epson’s uniformity with this remote control will have users pleased at its ease of use. The remote lacks a back-light, but it should not be a problem since this Pro EX10000 is designed to be used in spaces that are not entirely dark.

The remote control is smaller in size than some other remotes. The perfect button spacing makes the remote-control simple to use. The remote control has the standard buttons one would expect for everyday operations, including power on/off. In addition, you have a Source Search option, Input buttons, Aspect Ratio, Menu, and Esc buttons. The remote also has a “Freeze” button to quickly stop video action, an “E-Zoom” +/- buttons to zoom in and out of images, and Volume up/down buttons.

This remote provides access to almost every core feature of the Pro EX10000. Furthermore, quick-access buttons for Color Mode, Aspect Ratio, and even a Custom User button allow you to choose from Light Source Mode, Info, Test Pattern, Resolution, On-screen Display, Image Enhancement, and Content Playback. The Epson Pro EX10000 remote could control my Apple 4K TV via HDMI Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) as an added perk.


Inputs and connections are located on the rear of the projector.

Plenty of connectors and ports are on the Pro EX10000 for typical business and education applications. The projector has two computer inputs for PC presentations. In addition, it features two HDMI inputs for connecting a wide range of devices like a smart media device, Blu-ray players, and even a PC with HDMI. The Pro EX10000 has one USB-A port and one USB-B port. For audio inputs, the Pro EX10000 has one RCA (White/Red), two 3.5mm mini-stereo jacks, as well as a 3.5mm microphone input. Suppose more sound is required than the built-in 16-watt audio system can provide. In that case, there is a 3.5mm Audio Out for connecting the projector to an external system for more dynamic sound. The Pro EX10000 also has compatibility with Creston and Control4.

Computer/Component Video1x D-sub 15 pin
Composite Video1x RCA (Yellow)
Audio In1x RCA (White/Red) and 2x 3.5mm Stereo Mini
Audio Out1x 3.5mm
Microphone In1
USB Connector1x Type-B
USB Connector1x Type-A
Ethernet (RJ-45)1
Serial Port1x RS-232C
Monitor Out/Computer1x D-sub 15 pin
Integrated Wireless LAN802.11b/g/n
The chart and photo above detail all the inputs and outputs on the Epson Pro EX10000.


Epson Pro EX10000 Lens.

Epson lists the Pro EX10000 lens as projecting images as small as 40-inches and as large as 500-inches. However, for crisp text and images, perfect for displaying professional-quality presentations, Epson recommends projecting images between 40-inches and 300-inches. The projector has a 1-1.6x manual optical zoom.

The Pro EX10000 has a throw ratio of 1.33 - 1.62. The lens has a manual optical zoom and is manually focused with a lever on top of the projector. Focusing is fast and easy with the focus lever located next to the zoom lever on the top side of the projector

The Pro EX10000 was easy to set up in mere minutes. First, I placed the projector on a relatively flat surface. Then, I moved the chassis until the image matched up to my screen for a perfect image on my 110-inch Screen Innovations (SI) Solo Pro 2 Unity AT screen. I did not have a need for the keystone adjustments on the Pro EX10000, but I did adjust the keystone settings just to test them out. As expected, the keystone adjustments worked as advertised.


I found the Epson Pro EX10000 menu system to be highly intuitive. The projector menu is a simple scrolling layout that is well organized and easy to navigate. I did not have any problems finding all the adjustments and features I was looking for during my testing of the Pro EX10000. Epson really goes out of its way to segment the menu system, combining similar features in understandable categories. Unlike numerous other projectors, the linear nature of the Pro EX10000’s menu system allows the end-user to keep scrolling down the menu list rather than constantly backing out to another menu to get to another feature. It would be nice if more projectors utilized a scrolling type menu like Epson.

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