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Epson Pro G7905U Projector Review – Hardware and Menus


Epson Pro G Series Remote Control

Epson remote control
Epson offers new remote control for their laser and G7000 series projectors

This seems to be a new remote control in Epson’s line-up.  It works with the Epson G7905 and other projectors in the new G7000 series and also works with all the new L series laser projectors including the L1500 and L1505 being reviewed recently.

For that reason, much of everything below this paragraph about the remote is the same as in the L1505 review.

One thing I neglected to mention in the laser projector review is the outstanding range of this remote – over 90 feet, while most remotes claim 30-35 feet.  Tastefully done.

The new remote seems to herald in new command codes as well.  I immediately noticed that I could not turn on or off, bring up the menus an Epson home theater projector (5030UB) which worked fine with previous business remote controls, including the G6000 series. (I own a G6550U.)  No matter!

Other than being slightly narrower and a tiny bit shorter, it might be a touch lighter.  The buttons have as much space between them as the previous remote, but that’s due to slightly smaller buttons combined with a smaller overall area.

The overall layout is very similar to many previous Epson backlit remotes. It is organized into 5 sections. At the top, is power and sources, that’s followed by a features area, where a button gives you direct access to features that would take several steps if locating through the menu system.  Next comes the navigation area for working those menus.  Below that a small group I’ll call direct control for remote mousing volume, digital zoom and AV/Mute. Also, something new – Lens Memory! And finally the numeric keypad area (which offers three User areas, when not using the keypad features.

I’m not going to run through all the buttons – as you can read them in this image, rather I just want to point out a few features.

In the top section of the remote, you will note that one input is for HDBaseT (HDMI over CAT cable) There’s also a source button for the local area network, labeled LAN (these projectors can “present over IP.”)

The second section, in addition to usual things like Color Mode or Aspect Ratio, also serves up three buttons for the lens (Zoom, Focus, Lens Shift) and also Split Screen, and Test Patterns.

Navigation is the same as on other backlit remotes Epson remotes.

The 3 user settings are also labeled 1, 2, 3, on the keypad.  For convenience, and as an example, I set User 3 to take me right to the sub-menu for engaging pixel shifting and Full HD, or WUXGA+ (4K) processing.

I’ve been using this menu for a while now.  Backlight is good – sort of gold/pale yellow, could be a touch brighter, but definitely “bright enough”  Backlit keys are easy to read.  I normally complement Epson a lot on their back lit remotes, while finding more issues with their smaller remotes for smaller business and education projectors.  This one’s a good one!

Pro G7905 Menus

The number of menus, sub-menus, sub-sub-menus found on this projector is almost mind numbing, but then this is a feature laden commercial projector so we should expect no less.  Here are 39 of them starting with the top menu (Image) and its sub-menus.  This isn’t nearly all of them, in fact I barely scratched the surface of the networking section showing just 3 out of probably more than a dozen there, and another 20 or so less important, (or obvious) ones.  Still this should give you a great idea of the full capabilities of the G7905U and other G7000 series models.

Epson G7905 Menus

As I’ve said repeatedly the past few years:  Epson’s overall menu structures haven’t changed in well over a decade.  Theirs is a good system, well organized, easy to navigate, and best, logical enough to quickly figure out where to look for some feature controls. The type size on the menus is a little on the small size compared to some, but very readable any any “normal” distance.

The G7905’s menus are movable and partially translucent.  Epson makes changes based on the feature sets, but they are normally very logical, in where they place new sub-menus.

This G7905, like the new L1505 laser projector has a number of expanded sharpness and detail enhancement tools, we haven’t seen on previous models.  There are so many options its almost overkill.  Whose got the time to sort through an almost infinite number of possible settings combinations?  Still, I’m not complaining.