Projector Reviews

Hitachi RS-55: Summary, Pros, Cons

Summary, Pros, Cons


  • Extremely small and light for a low cost projector
  • Very good compression technology
  • Excellent color
  • Remote control is well laid out
  • Menu layout better than most
  • 2 year warranty
  • Low cost replacement lamps


  • No zoom lens
  • No remote mousing
  • No monitor out

Typical Capabilities

  • 2000 hour lamp life at full power
  • Noise level
  • Digital zoom
  • Sound (small projector – small sound)

Overall, mousing and no zoom lens notwithstanding, the Hitachi performs very well. It is certainly one of the very least expensive projectors out there today, and worthy of serious consideration. We could list things to add, but remember, Hitachi has 3 other more expensive projectors, with more features. This is the model for those with the most restricted budgets, and with that in mind, it performs where it counts, with a crisp image, and bright color dynamics.