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InFocus IN114 DLP Projector - Review Summary

Posted on July 22, 2013 by Eric Pfoutz

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A summary of the InFocus IN114 Projector's pros, cons. February 2013 - Anthony Arrigo

InFocus IN114 Projector: Bottom Line

Overall the InFocus IN114 has proven to be a strong performer with improved image quality compared to past models. With a resolution of 1024x768, it is not a native wide screen projector but it is capable of projecting a 16:9 image without a lot loss in image quality. The 2700 lumen output rating by the manufacturer was right in line with what the projector measured during the brightness tests. A lot of projectors are about 30 percent less bright than the manufacturer rating, but the IN114 came in at 2672, so that was impressive.

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The InFocus IN114 has a estimated lamp life of 6000 hours, but keep in mind this is if you are using ECO mode and not if you are projecting at the projectors brightest settings. Still, even if you present in ECO mode, the projector performs well and it would be recommended to use ECO mode considering you will have more than enough brightness for even the most demanding environments.

For the educators, you will enjoy the projectors capabilities in terms of being able to grow with the changes in technology. The projector is 3D ready, so 3D content from your PC can easily be displayed and viewed with optional 3D glasses. When you combine the projectors brightness of 2700 lumens and its contrast ratio of 4000:1, 3D content will really pop.

InFocus IN114 Projector: Pros

  • Filter free technology so no filter to clean or replace
  • Can be projected on different color surfaces selecting preset color modes
  • Sharp image even when projecting higher than native resolutions
  • 3D Ready when projecting content from your PC
  • Brightness readings were extremely close to the advertised brightness
  • Lamp can be replaced without taking down the projector from the ceiling
  • Estimated 6000 hours of lamp life when running in ECO Mode

InFocus IN114 Projector: Cons

  • For very specific applications color may need adjustment
  • Menu system is very simple and not graphical based.
  • Control panel on the projector was not very user extensive
  • Not a ultra short throw, so projector has to be relatively far back for large images.

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