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InFocus IN114Projector - Image Quality

Posted on July 22, 2013 by Eric Pfoutz

InFocus IN114 Color & Image Quality

Color reproduction was the best I have seen from InFocus. The IN114 performed quite nicely when it came to reproducing colors that most DLP projectors have a difficult time with. Yellow and reds may not have been spot on, but the muddy yellow of DLP's past was much improved. There are images below showing the color in different modes. The digital camera is not the most accurate way of demonstrating color, but hopefully it gives you some idea how the projectors performs.

DLP projectors have always been plagued with having trouble producing yellows and reds when projecting content from a computer. Projecting video does not seem to produce the muddy yellows and orange like reds, but it is nice to see that improvements have been made to the color when using a signal from a computer when primary colors are being used in your presentation.

Presentation Mode
Whiteboard Mode
Video Mode
Blackboard Mode
Beige Wall

Sharpness and image quality has to be one of the more difficult areas to review. Especially since I recently made the plunge and purchased the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display. It does spoil you a bit. To really get proper resolution and project properly took some work, but this had nothing to do with the projector. I found that to get the video card to project correctly for this review I had to use the Windows operating system for the Mac. You will not need to do this as a Mac user for your presentations. This was strictly a technical issue related to making sure I was being consistent in what I fed the projector. You get different results because of the new Retina Display when you run a program like Parallels or a VM.

So, with all things being equal the projector performed well in its native resolution of 1024x768. The image I felt was not as sharp as an LCD projector, but DLP's are known for having a softer image and the InFocus IN114 was not exception. Still, a quite readable image and its ability to accept higher resolutions was impressive. Small 10pt, type was very readable in 1280x960 resolution and even higher resolutions like 1280x1024 were quite readable. I can't say I would want to run the higher resolutions as a standard since clarity is diminished and eye fatigue would certainly set in quickly, but in a pinch, for a short time, it would be ok. Overall, the image quality was satisfactory and performed better than expected in the not native higher resolutions.


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