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InFocus IN114 Projector - Physical Tour

Posted on July 22, 2013 by Eric Pfoutz


InFocus has always designed nice looking projectors and the IN114 is no exception. It has nice lines and is definitely not a eyesore on a table or ceiling mounted. In the front of the project is the obvious lens with both a zoom and focus knob. It is recessed as well, so nothing protrudes from the projector that could be bent or broken while being carried or transported.

The projector exhausts from the rear of the projector. The projectors air intake is in the front. The top rear of the projector features access to the menu system and this is also where the power button is. The control panel on this model is not very extensive and all the functions you need to access in the projector are pretty much only available by navigating with arrow keys. Fortunately you can change sources quickly and change color presets without having to navigate deep in to the menu system. The two buttons are right on top of the projector. The remote is the most intuitive way to change settings since it is much more comprehensive in terms of getting to important features quickly.

Before I talk about the input panel I did want to note that the lamp can be replaced via the top of the projector. This allows you to avoid having to take down the projector if you ceiling mount it, just to replace the lamp. The rear of the projector is where you will find the input panel. It is fairly impressive for a projector of this size and weight. Starting from the left you will see two audio ports. One for audio in and one for audio out. They are both mini dim inputs. The InFocus IN114 also accepts a standard power chord like those used with desktop PC's. I particularly like this since if you lose your power chord you can easily, and very inexpensively, get it replaced. Plus, there is always one laying around usually. Some manufacturers use proprietary power chords, which can be expensive, or hard to find if you lose them.

Moving on we see that there is a input for S-video and composite video. Although these are hardly used today, they are still convenient to have. We now come to something I find very convenient and that is two VGA input ports and one VGA output port. The projector accepts component video but you must purchase a component to VGA adapter.

InFocus IN114 Setup and Menu

The InFocus IN114 is not difficult to setup due to its intuitive design. It has only one front foot that adjustable. You simply hold the front of the projector up and twist the foot until you reach the desired height. The projector does have keystone correction, but you should try and physically setup the projector to get a square image rather than use keystone correction whenever possible. The menu system is accessible but not a lot of time or effort went into it. I will explain more in the next section.


The menu is maybe the most disappointing part of this projector, but as far as menus go it is functional and if you consider that you won't be spending a lot of time in the menu system. I think it shouldn't be an aspect of the projector that should keep you from considering it. It is a text based menu system so finding what you need will take a bit of attention. However, once you have everything setup you shouldn't have to spend much time there.

InFocus IN114 Menu Slideshow

InFocus IN114 Remote Control

The remote is definitely something you want to keep with you and in a place you won't lose it. Especially if you ceiling mount the projector. The remote allows you access to the projectors functions in a much more intuitive way than the top of the projectors control panel. The remote is small as well. You will generally need to glance down at it to find the features you want since all the buttons are similarly sized.

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