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InFocus IN114 Projector - Performance

Posted on July 22, 2013 by Eric Pfoutz

IN114 Projector - Brightness

The InFocus IN114 is a bright ultra portable projector with a manufacturer rated light output of 2700 lumens in its brightest mode. Meter readings proved that the InFocus IN114 was a strong performer and it came very close to its claims. Keep in mind that the projector has a claim of 6000 hours estimated lamp life, but that estimate is assuming you are projecting in ECO mode which drops the brightness a bit.

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Exact testing in all the color modes produced some interesting results. In the projectors bright setting the lumen output for Presentation Mode was 2171. Let me say ahead of time that the projector has a bright setting and then various presets like Presentation Mode and and Video Mode. There is also a Bright Mode and the meter showed that the InFocus IN114 was able to produce 2672 lumens. So, as we can see, this projector does live up to its hype of being a 2700 lumen projector. The other modes dropped brightness a bit, but that was expected. Video Mode produced 1369 lumens. This is common since the light output drops to increase contrast for dark scenes in films. User Mode produced 1486 lumens. Whiteboard Mode produced similar results at 1452 lumens. Blackboard increased brightness a bit by having a light output of 1870. Beige Wall Mode was also very bright at 1536 lumens. And as stated earlier, the projector Bright Mode in its brightest setting came out to 2672. When we set the projector to ECO Mode and run through the Presets we get some lower readings.

With the projector set to ECO Mode, Presentation Mode produced 1703 lumens. Video Mode produced 1102 lumens. Still a very bright and acceptable image by anyone's standards. User Mode produced 1269 lumens. Whiteboard Mode was a very respectable 1336 lumens. Blackboard Mode was also pretty bright, producing 1536 lumens. Beige Wall showed 1252 on the meter and the projectors Bright Mode in the projectors ECO setting showed a brightness of 2338 lumens. So, if you want to try and reach the 6000 hours of lamp life that the InFocus claims, you should run the projector in the ECO setting and choose the Bright Mode preset.

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