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InFocus IN5148HD Projector Review - Special Features

Posted on January 28, 2017 by Art Feierman
InFocus IN5148HD Projector Review - Special Features:  PC-Free Presentations, Networking, Full Featured Lens Adjustments

PC-Free Presentations

The IN5148HD has excellent built-in support for displaying multi-media and document files.  You can have these files stored on a USB memory drive that is plugged into the projector’s USB port or you can load the files into the projector’s built-in 4GB memory.  You can navigate and control the presentations using the projector’s remote along with on-screen menus.  Several of the most common photo and video file formats are supported, as well as Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel files (Office 2003 and later supported) can be directly read and displayed using the projector’s built-in capabilities.

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(HDBaseT (HDBT) is an connection that combines HDMI, Ethernet LAN and RS-232 into one convenient Cat5e/6 cable, for expanded connectivity. The IN5148HD has built-in support for HDBaseT with a dedicated rear panel connector.  HDBaseT simplifies the connectivity by allowing both the video/audio input signals and the control signals for the projector to be networked over a single cable and it doesn't have the rather short run length limitations of conventional HDMI cables.  In addition to the projector's HDBaseT connector, there is also a standard LAN (Ethernet) connector provided for connecting to a standard local area network (LAN).

The projector is compatible with AMX and Crestron controllers and it can also be controlled and managed from a PC over the LAN.  Included is the ability to have the projector generate email notifications to report a failed lamp or fan or to report an over temperature condition.

If you really need wireless connectivity support, then InFocus offers their optional "LightCast Key" dongle as an extra cost accessory for about $300.  Infocus describes this as:

"Use the LightCast Key (sold separately) to unlock the projector's built-in ability to wirelessly project you Apple, Windows, or Chrome device content using AirPlay, Miracast, or Chrome.  LightCast also gives your projector an internet brower and digital whiteboard."


Full Featured Lens Adjustments

If this were a $4000 home theater projector then the lens features found on the IN5138HD would seem typical, but for a $4000 (street price) business/installation projector having full power (i.e., motorized) adjustments for zoom and focus along with fairly wide range power adjustments for both the vertical and horizontal lens shift is not all that common.   The lens on the IN5148HD produces a very sharp image across the entire image with the individual pixels clearly resolved and without any visible color fringing.

The optical lens shift has a specified range of +/- 35% horizontal and +35%/-130% vertical which is rather wide, especially for a DLP business/installation class of projector.  The lens itself has just over a 2:1 zoom range with the throw ratio adjustable between 1.49:1 to 3.02:1.  For example, if the  screen to be used is 100 inches wide, the projector-to-screen throw distance can be anywhere between 149 and 302 inches.  This zoom and throw ratio range should satisfy most installation needs, but if a short throw or an especially long throw is needed then an installation class projector with interchangeable lenses may be called for.

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