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InFocus IN5148HD Projector Review

The InFocus IN5148HD is intended for use in large venues where a high light output projector is called for.  While the IN5148HD carries a list price is $6889, the street price is just over $4000 from a number of on-line dealers.  This model is smaller (but still fairly large), lighter and less expensive than most “heavy metal” class of installation projectors.  However, many of those larger and more expensive installation class projector offer more flexibility with such features as interchangeable lenses.   The IN5148HD does come equipped with a zoom lens with a wide 2:1 zoom ratio that offers a moderate-to-long throw ratio range of 1.49:1 to 3.02:1, which should accommodate most installation needs.

While the projector is not provided with built-in wireless connectivity, an optional dongle that InFocus calls a “LightCast Key” is available for about $300.  This optional accessory enables wireless connectivity to mobile devices and to other networked devices supporting Airplay, Miracast or Chrome.  The “LightCast Key” was not included with the reviewed unit.

The IN5148HD received our Special Interest Award as an affordable (~$4000 street price) installation class projector offering a very sharp image with full HD resolution, good image quality in the best picture modes, and a good feature set.


The InFocus IN5148HD uses a single 1920 x 1080 resolution DLP display chip combined with a 6 segment color wheel operating a 2X speed.  I appears that, as with many such business and education class DLP projectors, the color wheel includes a clear segment to support an operating configuration providing boosted white brightness, but at the penalty of producing muted (i.e., dim) saturated colors relative to the whites and lighter colored shades (i.e., less saturated colors).  While this can produce brighter images that can be useful for business presentations under challenging room lighting conditions, the image brightness drops dramatically when the projector is configured to produce more accurate colors, such as appropriate for displaying photos or videos.  This is not unique to the this projector model, but is a characteristics of most DLP single chip business and classroom projectors.

This projector has a wide zoom range of just over 2:1 and also includes a fairly wide range optical lens shift adjustment for both the vertical and horizontal directions.  The lens shift adjustments are powered as are the focus and zoom adjustments.

Its primary business use of the IN5148H will probably be in conjunction with a connected PC, but the projector also can be used to directly make PC-free presentations from files stored on a USB memory drive or loaded into the projector’s 4GB of internal flash memory.  Support is included for MS Office files as well as a few of the most popular photo and video formats.

While wired network support, including support for HDBaseT, is built-in wireless network support requires the addition of an optional (i.e., extra cost) “Lightcast Key” dongle that costs about $300.


  • Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080) HD native resolution
  • 5000 lumen (white light) rated brightness
  • Power focus, zoom and lens shift
  • PC-free presentations from a USB memory drive or internal memory
  • Two built-in 10 watt speakers
  • 3D support including compatibility with Blu-ray 3D sources
  • HDBaseT support built-in