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InFocus Screenplay 4805 - Summary, Pros, Cons

Posted on October 1, 2013 by Art Feierman

The Screenplay 4805 projector from InFocus is still a good projector, and certainly its price has come down to keep it competitive, but it is no longer the market leader it was when launched well over a year ago. Overall, its a solid product, and of course, InFocus is almost a household word when it comes to projectors. It's what they do for a living, and they do it well and support their customers.


  • Very good color out of the box, and better with minor tweaking
  • Overall image very dynamic with good "depth"
  • Fast (4x) six segment color wheel prevents most from seeing rainbow effect
  • Extended hours tech support from InFocus
  • Multiple gamma settings (film, TV, etc.) for quick change in picture attributes
  • Economy mode reduces lamp cost
  • On-board speaker? A rare feature in a HT projector (It's certainly not hi-fi, but if you are taking the projector your cabin - you can hear some sound!)


  • Very noisy compared to most competing projectors
  • Contrast levels lower than newer DLP projectors (still better than the LCD home theater models), resulting in loss of detail in dark areas
  • Menus are somewhat dark. It's easy to read the selected item, but tougher when trying to find an item, however, while not tested, I have been advised (post review) that by changing the menu's settings to opaque, they become much more readable

Typical capabilities

  • Warranty
  • Price
  • Manual
  • Remote control's layout

All considered, the InFocus Screenplay 4805, is still a good performer. If this works for you;

  1. You run it at low power to keep it quiet
  2. You are setting up in a room that isn't going to be extremely dark (even minimal lighting will wipe out the advantage of the much higher contrast found on some competitors)

then you should find that the Screenplay 4805 home theater projector may be a good choice for you. Get a calibration disk to get the best performance. (The AVIA disk - $49 - is easy to use). One thing you can count on: InFocus always makes sure that this projector is well priced!

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