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InFocus X10 1080p Home Projector Review: Image Quality

Posted on September 1, 2008 by Art Feierman

InFocus X10: Image Quality Sections

InFocus X10 Home Theater Projector: Out of the Box Picture Quality

The X10 is very good out of the box (that's pretty much an InFocus trademark). It's one of a relatively small percentage of projectors that many can enjoy without any adjustments. That's the good news. The not-so-good news, is that it can still be improved, and while very watchable, overall, after a good end user calibration, it's going to look even better. So, I still recommend that you invest the hour or so of time, it's worth it. Or, of course you can bring in a professional for a few hundred dollars.

Overall, the out of the box tendencies are twofold: First, the image is a little warm (more red), compared to ideal, but it's slight. Second, the contrast default setting (50) is way too high. Our measurements brought about an adjustment to 18, although some might prefer it slightly higher. That, however, is about it.

InFocus X10: Skin Tone Handling

We're now talking about after our basic calibration. Skin tones are gorgeous (they really are pretty good, even out of the box, before any adjustments). This is an attribute that the X10 shares with the more than double the price IN83.

Here are a collection of images to demonstrate skin tones, starting with Gandalf and Arwen images from Lord of the Rings, Return of the King. Those are the only two non-HD images in this Skin Tone section, everything else is off of Blu-ray DVD in hi-def:

Once again, as in other reviews, here are three images of Daniel Patrick - James Bond - from Casino Royale under different lighting conditions. The first is full sunlight, then fluorescent lighting (in an airport), and finally filtered sunlight (in the shade, on a sunny day):

All of these Bond images look extremely natural!

House of the Flying Daggers is known for sensational, if not always accurate colors, here are a three images for your consideration:

Will Smith makes that "last suit you'll ever wear" - "look good" in Men In Black:

In fact his skin tones look great in every scene with the X10:

Might as well sneak in one image from HDTV from the Olympics (more in the HDTV section):

Bottom Line: InFocus X10 Skin Tones

Very good, out of the box, and truly excellent after a basic calibration. I loved this about the IN83, and the X10 is right up there!

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