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InFocus X10 1080p Home Projector Review: Image Quality4

Posted on September 1, 2008 by Art Feierman

Sequence Comparison

Sanyo PLV-Z2000
Mitsubishi HC5500
Optoma HD803
Epson Home Cinema 1080UB.





Look for the details in the blinds, and the vertical lines, and the hanging "thing" (still haven't figured out what it is) in the top right.


Click to enlarge, so close. From Casino Royale, this image from the black and white beginning of the movie. It is intentionally overexposed, to reveal the shadow details that my camera, and your monitor would lose with a normal exposure. The point is, excellent shadow detail. You can find this image in most reviews done in the past year. Note all the detail in the furniture in the back. The dark areas are much easier to see than on other projectors, although some of that has to do with a slightly low gamma, which cannot be adjusted without entering the service menus. (That's something an ISF Certified calibrator likely can adjust):

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