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InFocus X10 Home Theater Projector: Summary, Competition, Pros and Cons2

Posted on September 1, 2008 by Art Feierman

InFocus X10 Projector: Cons

  • Mediocre black level performance
  • Lack of a control panel on the projector (remote dependent)
  • Gamma is a little low - making the image just a little flat looking (less dynamic than some others)
  • Limited placement flexibility - no lens shift, and limited zoom range
  • Lacking a dynamic iris to improve black level performance
  • Instead of 2 HDMI inputs, one is InFocus's proporietary M1-DA. It functions just fine, but is non-standard. (An HDMI to M1-DA adapter is provided)

InFocus X10 Projector: Typical Capabilities

  • Documentation
  • Remote control
  • Average lamp life
  • Audible noise is higher than average (typical for DLP projectors)
  • Warranty - 2 years parts and labor

InFocus X10 Projector: Competitive Aspects

The X10 is definitely a first class competitor in the lower prices ranges of 1080p projectors. Here are some brief thoughts on how it stacks up against a number of projectors priced +/- about $500 dollars of its $2299 price.

InFocus X10 vs. Sanyo PLV-Z2000

I don't see these as really direct competitors due to the huge difference in brightness. The Z2000 is a very competent projector, with better black levels, and a huge edge in placement flexibility, but is best on 100" and under screens. I'll give the InFocus the advantage on shadow detail and skin tone handling. The Sanyo costs less, a big advantage for it.

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