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InFocus X10 Home Theater Projector: Summary, Competition, Pros and Cons4

Posted on September 1, 2008 by Art Feierman

InFocus X10 vs. Mitsubishi HC5500

The Mitsubishi HC5500 has only some of the usual 3LCD advantages - it does have a limited zoom lens (cost saving we guess), like the InFocus. Black levels on both are close enough - neither is impressive in this area. The Mitsubishi is also extremely quiet. The InFocus though has far more brightness, and when it comes down the the bottom line, it produces the better overall image. The InFocus X10 gets my vote, and should be the favorite of most considering the two.

InFocus X10 Home Theater Projector: Summary

The big picture is that the InFocus X10 is in most ways one of the best lower cost projectors out there. I think it's great choice for those wanting larger screens, and definitely for those who are less movie fanatics, and more general purpose viewers - valuing HDTV and especially sports, as much, or more than movies. We reviewers and enthusiasts tend to be hyper critical, and this is no exception. The black level performance is one area where the average consumer would be perfectly satisfied, but the enthusiast demands a little more.

Color handling, sharpness and brightness are its strong points, placement flexibilitye (and black levels) its areas of minor weakness. Menus are good. The lack of any automatic ability to adjust aspect ratio to the source, is an inconveninece, but a minor one.

Perhaps most importantly, it stacks up favorably against virtually all the comparable projectors in price.

InFocus X10 Projector: Bottom Line

The real bottom line, is whether the X10 is the best choice for you. For many, with an under $2500 budget, it may well be. There are trade-offs to be sure, but with only two exceptions that quickly come to mind, the X10 stands out above the rest of the competition. It also has the real advantage of having some of the best color accuracy right out of the box, of any projectors out there. Traditionally I've considered InFocus projectors to be pricey for their performance, but am most pleased to report that the X10, is, instead, a more attractive projector for its price, than the bulk of the competition.


I'm impressed with the X10. Mind you, I'm not nearly as impressed with the X10 at its price point, as I am for the IN83 at its. The InFocus X10 definitely offers very good price/performance, however, I must say, despite being roughly twice the price, the InFocus IN83 is an even more impressive value. Looks like InFocus is on a roll.

Considering InFocus was very late in introducing their first generation 1080p projectors, they have more than compensated. This one's a top pick, and that's why we are pleased to give it our Hot Product Award.

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