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JVC Introduces two new 8K D-ILA Laser Projectors: the DLA-NZ900/DLA-RS4200 and DLA-NZ800/DLA-RS3200

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JVC announced two new 8K compatible D-ILA projectors, the DLA-NZ900/DLA-RS4200 and DLA-NZ800/DLA-RS3200. JVC offers two series of 4K D-ILA projectors, which differ mainly in their cosmetic appearance and are sold through different channels. For example, the NZ (Procision) Series projectors are sold through retailers like BestBuy, Crutchfield, and, while the RS (Reference) Series models are available through the custom installation dealer network.

The NZ900/RS4200 and NZ800/RS3200 are identical cosmetically since they utilize the same chassis as the NZ8/RS4100 and NZ9/RS3100, but they offer several notable improvements.

The NZ900/RS4200 and NZ800/RS3200 boast JVC's third-generation native 4K D-ILA chips, second-generation 8K e-shiftX, a brighter BLU-Escent Laser light source, and several other video enhancements, all designed to deliver class-leading picture quality.

The new JVC NZ Series and RS Series projectors are equipped with JVC's 3rd third-generation 0.69-inch native 4K D-ILA devices, which can accurately reproduce all 8.8 million pixels found in 4K content. 

JVC D-ILA panels have a long-standing reputation for delivering superior native contrast, resulting in exceptional black levels. With improved liquid crystal alignment control and enhanced image pixel flatness, the new D-ILA devices offer a native contrast ratio that is 1.5 times higher than the previous versions. This, coupled with better screen uniformity, should deliver a viewing experience that is truly unparalleled.

The DLA-NZ900/DLA-RS4200 and DLA-NZ800/DLA-RS3200 are not native 8K projectors, but they use JVC's proprietary 8K e-shift feature, which can shift each pixel diagonally by 0.5 pixels to increase the projected resolution.

The 2nd Gen version 8K/e-shiftX technology utilized in the DLA-NZ900 and the DLA-NZ800 was introduced in the previous NZ9 and NZ8. It can shift each pixel in four directions (up, down, left, and right) to produce over 35.3 million addressable pixels, enough to display 8K onscreen resolution.


All the new models include 48Gbps HDMI 2.1 inputs so that they can accept both 8K/60fps and 4K/120fps signals. While there isn't much 8K or high frame rate video content, 4K@120fps will provide a high-quality gaming experience from a high-end gaming PC as well as the latest PlayStation and Xbox gaming consoles.

The new JVC projector’s improved D-ILA drive device can display images at a speed equivalent to 240Hz, ensuring smoother and more lifelike visuals when watching fast action or gaming.

Both models are equipped with JVC's BLU-Escent Laser source, which is optimized to deliver more brightness. JVC states that the DLA-NZ900/DLA-RS4200 can produce 3,300 lumens, and the DLA-NZ800/DLA-RS3200 has a rated brightness of 2,700 lumens while offering up to 20,000 hours of near-maintenance-free operation. 

While the models offer class-leading native contrast by incorporating  Dynamic light source control, the projector can achieve a dynamic contrast level of ∞:1 (infinity to 1).

JVC D-IiLA Projectors utilize some of the best optics in the industry. To deliver the maximum onscreen resolution, the DLA-NZ900 / RS4200 is equipped with JVC's premium 100mm diameter all-glass lens, which is 35 percent larger in diameter than the high-quality 65mm diameter all-glass lens used in the NZ9/RS3200.

The 100mm lens assembly delivers an ultra-sharp 8K image and a wider lens shift range. The better optics also explain why the DLA-NZ900 / RS42100 is 600 lumens brighter than the NZ800 / RS3200 and cost $10,000 more.

JVC's 2nd Generation Adaptive HDR tone mapping dynamically measures the brightness of HDR10 content frame-by-frame or scene-by-scene. This information is used to automatically adjust the projector settings to deliver the best HDR picture possible. 

Theater Optimizer and Frame Adapt HDR result in great-looking HDR10 content while eliminating the hassle of constantly making manual Brightness and Contrast adjustments from bright to dark scenes or from movie to movie.

In addition to supporting HDR10 and HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) formats, both projectors support HDR10+ content, in which the luminance information for each scene is embedded in the content as metadata, so tone mapping can be performed according to the scene. This helps the projector faithfully reproduce the HDR images as intended by the creators.

The DLA-NZ900/DLA-RS4200 and DLA-NZ800/DLA-RS3200 include cinema filters to reproduce 100% of the DCI-P3 color gamut utilized in most HDR content.

The DLA-NZ900 / DLA-RS4200 has an MSRP of $25,999, and the DLA-NZ800/DLA-RS3200 has a list price of $15,999. Both new models come with a 3-year warranty, including a 1-year advance replacement. The projectors will be available for preorder and will ship in June.

The chart below shows the difference between the two models.

Imager3rd generation 0.69-inch native 4K D-ILA device x3
Displayed Resolution8,192 x 4,320 (8K/e-shiftX)
Native Resolution4096 X 21604096 x 2160
8K60p/4K120p InputYes
Light SourceBLU-Escent Laser
Rated Brightness3,300 lumens2,700 lumens
Contrast150,000:1 (∞:1 Dynamic)100,000:1 (∞:1 Dynamic)
Lens Assemblyall-glass lens 100 mm diameterall-glass lens 65 mm diameter
Zoom Range2:12:1

We look forward to reviewing DLA-NZ900/DLA-RS4200 and DLA-NZ800/DLA-RS3200 in the future. Based on our previous experience with JVC DILA projectors, the SDR and HDR picture quality should be outstanding.

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