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LG HX300G Projector - Physical Tour

Posted on October 1, 2010 by Art Feierman


The HX300G is actually a very nice looking unit. I liken it to a Apple product in the sense that it is very simple looking and appears to be cut from aluminium. It of course is not, but just the simplicity of the control panel and the rounded box like shape really make it look more like a well crafted appliance than a projector. A particular design that I like. The internal menu system is beautiful as well. Just an all around nice looking projector. Don't forget the lens is protected by a sliding door so no worries about losing the lens cap while not in use.

As far as inputs, the projector accepts HDMI,VGA from your laptop, Composite video and it has a USB input so you can present image slides from your thumb drive and not need a laptop at all. A headphone jack is present and also an audio-in should you want to take advantage of the the projectors FM transmission capabilities. You can see all the inputs in the image below.

Control Panel

The control panel is very reminiscent of something you would find on most portable devices in the consumer arena. It is basically a disc with 4 arrows representing left, right, up and down. In the center is the Enter button and on either side of the navigation disc you have the button to enter the menu system and the Power button. Couldn't be easier to work with in that regard. Once you do enter the menu area you are presented with one of the nicest menus I have seen.


The menu system in LG's HX300G is, as I have mentioned a few times already, really very nice. All the control you could ever need over the projectors brightness, color and what source to show are all really easy to get to.

In the photo above you can easily choose various video sources. A few simple presses of the menu disc and you are presenting.




Remote Control

The remote is also well laid out and and feels really good under the thumb. They have followed the same disc like concept in the main navigation area with a few added buttons to make quick changes even faster. You can adjust what source the projector reads with a just a few clicks and handle any changes to keystone correction just from the remote. If you can avoid using Keystone Correction you should. It is always better to setup your projector and not use keystone since it will slightly degrade the image. This is a factor across all projectors and is not specific to the HX300G. If you have plugged in your projector and the image just doesn't seem right, try the Auto button on the remote. Another convenient feature that helps sync the signal from your laptop and projector to produce a true image

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LG HX300G Lens Throw

With a throw ratio of 1.35:1 you can expect to get the largest image size of 100 inches from a distance of 108 inches away.

Lens Shift & Setup

No lens shift.The image must be aligned by physically moving the projector. Focus is done by rotating the lens once you have achieved your desired image size.

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