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LG HX300G - Image Quality

Posted on October 1, 2010 by Art Feierman

LG HX300G Pico Projector - Picture Quality

The LG HX300G had a surprisingly nice picture. Although the HX300G is not exactly a Pico projector, it still is kind of in the family because it is microportable and produces a lumen level that is more in line with Pico projectors. However most Picos are in the 20 to 100 lumen range where as the HX300G is rated at 270 lumens. With a native resolution of 1024x768 it also boasts a resolution that is higher than most Picos. The HX300G's picture quality was defnitely nice and those extra pixels really helped to create a very nice image when presenting spreadsheets and other types of Microsoft documents.

The imake above is a good example of how clear text is in spreadsheets. 12pt type is just about perfect when presenting in the projectors native resolution. Any smaller is still acceptable, but will more than likely strain your audiences eyes. Usually a much higher resolution projector costing far more would be ideal if you plan to present really small text. 99 percent of the time you will not need more resolution than 1024x768.

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Color Accuracy


If you have read many of the reviews on this site we have always tried to provide some education about the different light technologies used in projectors and how those different technologies change the way we perceive color. DLP projectors because of the color wheel technology used can tend to have a hard time with primary colors. They can render these primary colors when playing video without a problem, but when a true yellow or a true red is used in a static image that might be in a PowerPoint presentation DLP projectors tend to make those colors take on a mustard like appearance. At least in the the yellow colors case. Red can tend to turn a slight orange.

To remedy the problems described above a user has to generally enter the menu system and play with the color settings until the colors look more correct. In most cases accurate colors can be achieved by lowering the brightness a bit. It's slightly different for each projector. Most won't notice this color issue to be a problem, but if you are particularly picky, this might annoy you.

The HX300G produced some pretty nice reds and yellows. Looking at the spreadsheet in the previous section will give you a pretty solid idea how the projector looks right out of the box. No adjustments were made to the image. I was quite impressed that it had the vibrance that it did without that annoying mustard color that can happen with yellow.


I never thought I would rave about a Microportables ability to project video, but the HX300G did a great job and I was impressed that a projector so small and portable could perform as well as it did. I very much think this would be a great projector for traveling or ideal for those that want a small, easy to move projector for around the house presenting. For instance it would be nice for movie nights on the lawn or set it up on a saturday night to game with the kids. It really was a projector that does it all. With its ability to accept HD and component, assuming you have the right adapters, this all around projector is a good choice.

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