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LG HX300G - Performance

Posted on October 1, 2013 by Art Feierman

LG HX300G Brightness

Brightness levels on the HX300G were actually very good. The projectors stated rating of 270 lumens turned out to be pretty close to what was measured during this review. Total brightness came out to which is very acceptable. Some might wonder how ------- lumens could be acceptable considering most regular portable projectors are producing lumens of 2000 to 3000 and even much brighter. Well, abot 10 years ago projectors that cost many thousands of dollars and could perform in ballrooms and large venues were often only about 250 lumens. Of course lighting control would be necessary, but major point is, to be able to produce 270 lumens in a projector that is the size of a sandwich compared to the 10 pound suitcase sized projectors of 10 years ago is pretty incredible.

To get the best picture from the LG HX300G you will still want to control lighting, but you can definitely expect this projector to put out enough brightness to make the image pop pretty nicely for large and small audiences.


At a native resolution of (1024x768)

The LG HX300G was designed to read many of todays common office documents straight from its internal memory, but the quality is lacking and one should keep in mind again that a Pico should be either used for fun, like when projecting a quick movie, or when you need to share a business document for a few minutes. Any long presentations where it is critical your audience see detail, and not experience a lot of strain should really be done by a portable projector in the 1000+ range. Which, is not hard to find since next to no one produces your typical business projector with less than a 1000 lumens.

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Light Leakage

There is almost little to no light leakage. The buttons light up for a few seconds while navigating around the projectors features and very little light leaks through other open areas of the projector.

Audible Noise

Because of the light technology being used, the projector produces virtually sound.

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