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EPV Screens DarkStar® UST 2 eFinity Review

The EPV Screens DarkStar® UST 2 eFinity is an ambient light rejecting screen designed for ultra-short projectors. This 123-inch 16:9 screen has a gain of 0.8 and it can reject up to 85% of overhead lighting making it a great option for many Laser TVs. I previously doubled up our home office as the theater space: a dark room with no direct sunlight, a motorized screen in the ceiling which for the most part was only used in the evenings.  I recently created a dedicated home theater/gaming space in a converted garage with a permanent big screen on the wall […]

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Elite ProAV Presenter Pro Riser CineGrey 4D Screen Review

Elite-ProAV-CineGrey-4D-Highly Recommended Award

The Elite ProAV Presenter Pro Riser CineGrey 4D is a portable, motorized, floor-rising projection screen. The high-quality CineGrey 4D material is designed for standard long throw projectors and has a gain of 1.1, it can effectively eliminate up to 63% of ambient light. Because the unit is equipped with this ceiling light rejecting material, it’s a great solution for any training or conference space where there is typically some ambient light. The Elite ProAV Presenter Pro Riser CineGrey 4D screen is available in 126-inch, 133-inch, and 150-inch sizes. The screen is exceptionally sturdy and well built, and Elite ProAV includes […]

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Elite Screens Yard Master 2 Folding Frame Outdoor Projection Screen Review

Yard Master 2 Portable Screen

Hi, everyone! I’m Philip Boyle with Projector Reviews. In this review, I want to talk with you about another incredible screen by Elite Screens, Inc. Elite Screens is a US-based projector and screen manufacturer specializing in producing retail, commercial, and home-theater projection screens for virtually any presentation environment. Elite delivers top-quality products for today’s discerning video enthusiasts. They are one of the best screen manufacturers in the projection industry. Elite Screens is an innovator in the projection screen space, making screens for almost every type of environment from consumer to business. In this review, I will be evaluating the 16×9, […]

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When Elite Screens was trying to decide on their next product, they consulted their customers and asked what they were looking for. Among the many requests received, the need for a better whiteboard screen stood out.  Elite went to their engineers in the ProAV division and tasked them with coming up with ideas for new whiteboard projection screens. Among the proposed products were a series of next-generation whiteboard screens utilizing a new nanoparticle coating that ultimately became known as VersaWhite. In addition to the new screen coating, the engineers also proposed making the projection screens lighter without compromising quality.  VersaWhite […]

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