Projector Reviews

Sharp NEC NC2443ML delivers maximum flexibility at an attainable price point for medium to large cinema screens

By Jennifer Mash Most of us have spent the last year doing our best under the circumstances: trading in-person meetings for Zoom calls, classrooms for virtual school, and the magic of the big screen on opening night for a streamed movie in our own living room. Just in time for our jubilant return to the theater, Sharp NEC Display Solutions announced the addition of the new NC2443ML RB Laser Projector to its digital cinema projection series. Intended for theaters with medium to large-sized screens, the NEC NC2443ML delivers sharp, virtually light-spot-free images in natural, lifelike colors. The 24,000 lumen NC2443ML […]

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Overcoming Seven Common Projector Installation Challenges

This month’s featured article is brought to you by Sharp NEC, leaders in the commercial projector marketplace. We’ve all been there. You’re in an important meeting and no one can figure out how to turn on the projector in the board room. Even worse, once you get the projector working, your company’s logo—highly designed and belabored to look great in a very specific color—is in fact, not that color. Add a little fan noise to the equation, maybe some dimming, and you have a few good reasons to hold some reservations about using projectors when it comes to your next […]

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