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Mitsubishi HC3 - Performance

Posted on October 25, 2013 by Art Feierman

Projector Remote

Mitsubishi projector - HC3 remote control

Let's start with the remote control. I'm not impressed with this projector's remote. It does provide separate buttons for different inputs, and about half the buttons are backlit, but many buttons including the power button are in strange places. As a remote just for the projector, in a home theater environment it doesn't get used much. If you have an A/V receiver, it will probably handle your source switching, so mostly you'll use it for intial setup, but possibly to change the color/image settings for different types of use (when you have ambient light vs, dark room, preferences for movies, vs those for normal TV, or sports, and for gaming.

This remote is a learning remote, so you can program it to control 2 other devices, however, if you do want a single remote to control your whole system, I would recommend one of the third party top quality remotes from companies like Harmony or Universal.

Again, remember that the HC3 projector started shipping at the end of 2003. Newer designed projectors mostly seem to have better laid out remotes. Still, this is hardly a deal breaker.

Projector Noise Levels

This Mitsubishi projector is noisy relative to the competition. Mitsubishi does not provide a spec, but in full power mode, I would estimate around 34-36 db. Most of the competition now is 33 db. or less and the quietest - are virtually silent - with decibles down in the mid to upper 20's.


If you are ceiling mounting, the HC3 projector should be quiet enough for movies, and only be slightly noticeable on very quiet scenes. If, on the other hand, you plan to set it on a table next to where you sit, it is going to be noticeable on quiet scenes. Is it a big problem? Probably not, in fact the HC3 is probably no noiser, than most $6000+ HT projectors built just 3 years ago (such as the Sanyo PLV60 at 37db).

This again comes back to the fact that this LCD projector is better for TV/sports/gaming than movies. Believe me, on an average sporting event, or sitcom, you'll never notice the noise.

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