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Mitsubishi HC3 - Overview 2

Posted on March 27, 2005 by Art Feierman

Pixelization, the Screendoor Effect

As a relatively low resolution, HT LCD projector (there are lower resolution WVGA LCD models, like Epson's Home 10+), pixels are fairly large and visible. Since LCD pixels are more visible than those of a DLP projector, you will see them at a slightly greater distance than you would on a DLP projector like BenQ's PE5120 (WVGA). It helps that the HC-3 is slightly higher resolution.HC3 projector - daytime image from Bulletproof Monk

What of it? If you are completely pixel adverse - you don't want to see them at all, you are going to have to sit back a distance about twice that of the screen width. So if you have a large, 100" diagonal 16:9 screen, that measures out to 87" wide. Twice that is 174" or 14.5 feet.

However, again consider what you are watching. Many will find that they are happy overall a bit closer to that, say 11-12 feet for that sized projector screen, and sports fans might be happy even closer.

Color handling

One really great thing about LCD based projectors are vibrant colors. The HC-3 does color well. Of course there are a wealth of settings, Mitsubishi HC3 HDTV image Basketallfor video, standard, dynamic... There is also color temperature control, lamp brightness, and user savable settings, so you've got a near inifinite number of color settings. But let's cut to the chase. I watched some March madness basketball and was dazzled by the bright reds and fully saturated yellows of uniforms. Everything was "jump off the screen" vivid. Fleshtones were also very good (depending on the choice of settings, of course). Leno looked great in Hi-def too.

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