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Mitsubishi HC3 - Setup

Posted on October 25, 2013 by Art Feierman
Setup is a snap. If you are feeding the HC-3 projector a component video signal, just use the provided adapter cable. It plugs into the standard computer port (HD15 connector), and has 3 RCA female jacks on the other end. That's exactly what you need to hook up a standard component cable to the projector.  

You can power up, from the remote, or the control panel. Once you have a video source on the screen, I suggest you go into the Image and Feature menu's and play with the Cinema, Color Matrix, and Color Temperture controls to get a feel of the range of adjustments. You've got dynamic settings as well as video and theater, the dynamic will really help out if you are fighting a lot of ambient light, and unlike many projectors dynamic settings, this one doesn't seem to particularly sacrifice color accuracy.

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