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Mitsubishi HC6800 Projector Review

Welcome to our in-depth projector review of the Mitsubishi HC6800 1080p home theater projector.

HC6800 Projector Highlights

  • Above average “best” mode for movie watching – with almost 600 lumens
  • Slightly below average in “brightest” mode
  • Very good post calibration color accuracy
  • Skin tones and overall color look very good and accurate, but not the most natural – still, though, impressive
  • Very sharp image – Mitsubishi projectors seem to be consistently sharper than other LCD projectors and the LCoS projectors, though still bested by a number of DLP projectors.
  • Very good placement flexibility
  • Dynamic iris improves blacks but the projector still doesn’t qualify as an ultra-high contrast model based on black performance.
  • A somewhat green projector – low wattage lamp is one of the lowest drawing in the home theater industry at 170 maximum. Note that even the Casio Greenslim XJ-A140 biz projector with its hybrid LED/laser light source draws only slightly less power. Nasty: Projector draws 7 watts in standby
  • Good price performance for a local dealer only projector