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Mitsubishi HC6800 Projector - Special Features

Posted on May 28, 2010 by Art Feierman
The HC6800 isn't particularly endowed with lots of features, nor is it stripped down.

Frame Interpolation

The HC6800 home theater projector does offer FI - frame interpolation, but not CFI (creative frame interpolation). That is to say, it will take a 24 fps movie, and insert one frame between each two, doubling the count to 48 fps. This helps with one type of motion blurring. CFI actually creates a different frame, between each too, not just repeating the first frame. For CFI, you need to move up to the Mitsubishi HC7000. Still, the move to 48fps is helpful.

Color Management System (CMS)

The HC6800 projector has a perfectly respectable color management system, including access to tuning individual colors. it's got all the basics needed for a professional calibration.

Mitsubishi HC6800 Projector: Dynamic Iris

Mitsubishi talks a lot about their improved iris design and action, noting in particular that it is designed to deal with scenes that change back and forth quickly. That's a huge plus, and they do have one of the smoother iris actions out there.

Their solution seems to be notably effective with one type of situation very common in movies. That would be a couple of people talking in a darker room. With the background not very bright, the iris can do its thing, but, cutting back from the shot of one person, to another (lets say one has a whitish shirt, and the other a medium blue. As those would be the brightest large objects in our scene, the iris would open more, for the scene with the blue shirt, and as the scene cuts back every few seconds, you get to see the iris open and close. With the Mits, they observe each frame, looking for fast transitions (back and forth) that are repeated, and makes adjustments to the iris action to improve it. Well done!

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