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Optoma GT750 Projector Review Summary

Posted on July 15, 2013 by Art Feierman
Time for a short summary of the Optoma GT750 projector's pros and cons and capabilities.

Optoma GT750 Projector - The Bottom Line

With a $799 MSRP, and an even lower street price, the GT750 is one of the least expensive projectors around targeted for the home. In addition, it can easily double as a good basic business portable projector. (Tax break?)

Before I summarize, let's talk award. That the GT750 is a competent gaming projector is of little doubt since both my gaming bloggers (who both own much more expensive projectors than this Optoma).

Considering there really hasn't been any new competition aimed at gamers since then, and considering the GT750 offers a lot more projector for an extra $50 or so, a Hot Product award was pretty much a slam-dunk. The only reservation is the issue we've been having with the RF-VESA glasses, which we're still working out with Optoma. Standard Optoma DLP-link 3D glasses such as those provided with the older GT720 (click for review) work just fine. This isn't a full production projector, so it's either needing a firmware fix, that Optoma will no doubt accomplish before it does ship, or I've got a problem with either the provided glasses or emitter. We shall see. I'm not overly concerned, since it's not full production.

While our gamers indicate that there's better around, especially for non-gaming, both think that the gaming experience is very good on the GT750, even if it can be better on a projector 2.5 times the price, such as the Epson 8700UB, which Scott S owns. The blacks aren't as black, as more expensive projectors so there can be less contrast in dark scenes - a touch washed out compared to those more expensive projectors. There is a trade-off though - with the less spectacular black levels possible, the GT750 has extremely good dark shadow detail, allowing you to make out some of those finer details in games that just might be hard, or impossible to spot on a projector that has better blacks and less good shadow detail.

The combination of excellent brightness, zero lag for gaming, portability, easily make it the best low cost projector for gaming that I'm aware of, and a good overall, low cost projector, for general family use.

The GT750, is, of course, first and foremost, a gaming projector, and one that supports 3D. What makes it a much better projector than the GT720 isn't the extra lumens, but the full support for HDMI 1.4a and Blu-ray 3D.

The GT750 was able to display every type of 3D I have - Blu-ray 3D, all the DirecTV 3D channels. Whereas as mentioned earlier, to support 1080 3D including Blu-ray 3D, the older GT720 needs a $300 to $400 outboard box.

Now that's a lot of improvement for $50, even if you don't count the extra 500 lumens, that the GT750 projector claims to have.

This is the second official "gaming projector" (not counting any pico projectors in that total) we've considered for its gaming abilities. Read Pete's, and Scott's full blogs about the GT750. Our gaming "heavy hitters" are impressed. A link from Scott's name to his blog about the GT750 will be activated as soon as he posts.

One more time, for your convenience - here are two summaries from our serious gamers, about the GT720's game performance:

Pete summarizes the GT750 projector as a gaming projector:

It's not a stretch to say the Optoma GT750 is a great all around gaming projector. Though only 720p, it throws an extremely bright and respectably sharp image. Just like it's older, but less capable brother, the Optoma GT720, the Optoma GT750 tests at ZERO input lag. I had no hint of lag at all when playing the newly released Gears of War 3, and the GT750 ran the fast paced and extremely time sensitive game Amplitude (my qualitative lag test) without a hitch.

For the price I find it very hard to complain...but there are some things the Optoma GT750 could do better. Partially due to the extreme brightness of this projector, the black levels are not as strong as some of the other projectors that retail for a few hundred dollars more. It is in no way hindering to game play, but if you are used to playing on a higher level projector it can make some of the darker games like Resident Evil 5 seem washed out at times. Check out my full review for more details on how the Optoma GT750 compares to its year older brother. (Optoma GT720). - Pete

Scott S's summary about the GT750 as a game projector will appear shortly:

GT750 Brightness: This projector is roughly about as bright as any projectors for the home get (other than super expensive projectors). With Brilliant Color opened up to 10, the projector is a light canon producing a good bit over 2000 lumens, at its brightest, and several over 2000 lumen modes.

That will let you cut through a decent amount of ambient light. Note that a average home theater projector offers about 1000 lumens it its brightest mode. Ok, the GT750 has about 2.5 times the brightness of most traditional 2D home theater projectors. That said, there are a number of bright low cost home projectors, but the GT750 should be about the brightest, and it separates itself from those Viewsonics, othe Optomas, Viviteks, etc. by offering 3D capabilities as well.

If you don't care about gaming, or 3D, look elsewhere, you can get 1080p resolution projectors for the same price give or take - again, Optoma, Viewsonic, BenQ, and Vivitek, that aren't 3D capable, although one or two of them are bright models, just not GT750 projector bright.

The Very Bottom Line on the GT750 projector:

Gamers - rejoice. Folks wanting affordable 3D (including movies), shout joyously from the rooftops. Want to game in 3D, even better.

Click Image to Enlarge

The thing is, the GT750 also does a nice job in terms of picture quality, suitable for enjoyable movie viewing (give or take those limited blacks), if you are not overly critical. For HDTV content, including sports, the projector does a very good job, within the limitation of being a 720p native resolution projector. If you didn't care about the 3D or the gaming, you would be better off spending about the same (or in reality, a bit more) for a true 1080p projector.

This is simply a well thought out, and competent projector for the family, or the dedicated, but tightly budgeted hard core gamer.

The very short throw lens, is not as convenient in terms of placement for average viewing, but it works out great for gamers, with the projector in front of them, and out of their physical way if playing active games like Wii Sports.

This is going to be one fine stocking stuffer this holiday season. Be sure to put it on your list, right above Halo 8, or Call to Duty 33, or Grand Theft Auto 29. (OK, I'm being silly, I'm sure I'll catch grief from Pete and Scott for inventing high numbers for these games, ie. Grand Theft Auto is only on version 4...)

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