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Optoma GT750 - Projector Screens

Posted on July 15, 2013 by Art Feierman

Optoma GT750 Projector Screen Recommendations

Unless you have a serious ambient light problem, let the GT750's brightness do the work for you. I'd skip thoughts of a high contrast gray screen, unless you have a real, specific need. That's because, while the GT750 may be about the brightest thing out there that can play 3D games, those 3D games aren't going to be near as bright as 2D ones. That many games can be dark, going to one of those HC gray screens isn't going to make those very dark areas any easier to see. On the other hand the GT750 projector has excellent dark shadow detail, so you could survive a high contrast gray screen, and still find it easier to see dark shadow detail than on projectors that are less bright, and with inferior shadow detail performance.

Generally, stick to nice 1.0 gain or higher white surface screens, unless you are buying this projector first, for movies, and only 2nd for games. Then you could favor a high constrast gray - counting on the plentiful lumens to give you the brightness you need, but the HC gray type screen to lower those pesky, too bright "blacks." An HC gray will also help if you have side lighting problems you can't mute.

If you plan to be 3D gaming with your GT750, basically, the same thing - use a white screen. The GT750 uses a standard screen, it does not need a 3D optimized screen - those are normally reserved for systems using passive 3D glasses. If you'd like some additional guidance regarding screens and 3D, check out RonJ's blog, that's a topic he's covering in his initial 3D related blogs.

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