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Optoma GT750 Projector Review Summary 2

Posted on July 15, 2013 by Art Feierman

Optoma GT750 Projector: Pros, Cons, and Typical Capabilities

Optoma GT720 Projector: Pros

  • For the price of a 42" 3D LCDTV, you can have 90" 100", 120", or even larger, for game playing. Talk about immersive!
  • Both of our gaming / projector bloggers found that the GT750 is a good gaming platform, especially for the money. No lag, good shadow detail. While consensus is picture doesn't look as good as Epson projectors selling for 2.5x the price, unlike the Epson's, no lag whatsoever.
  • Extremely bright projector whether for game playing, movies, or sports
  • Wide range of Brilliant Color settings allows you to trade off brightness for more realistic color handling - smoother skin tones
  • 3D ready - supports major 720 and 1080 formats including Blu-ray 3D
  • nVidia 3D, DLP-link, and VESA-links supported
  • Respectable out of the box color performance (pre-production)
  • Exceptional shadow detail performance - reveals all the details in dark scenes including games
  • Very good handing sports and most digital content
  • Short throw lens works well for gaming
  • Portable projector gaming - complete with.a black and red backpack
  • Built in sound does a very respectable job for a small projector
  • An Audio output jack allows external audio, and especially the ability to hook up a powered subwoofer, which should really shake the house while playing FPS games (first person shooters)
  • Easy to use menus
  • 3D works as advertised! No problem with any of my content. Still awaiting 3D gaming feedback from Scott which will be added
  • Overall t's a pretty flexible 2D or 3D gaming projector, and general family projector for under $800.

Optoma GT720 Projector: Cons

  • Black level performance is weak, although with great shadow detail generally good for gamers
  • Color could be better, but very respectable for the type of projector and the market it's targeting
  • 3D color is off more, but that seems to be pretty standard
  • Glasses not included for the price
  • Remote Control: Could be better, including range
  • Warranty could be longer - but is typical
  • Very limited placement flexibility, due to no zoom lens, or lens shift

Are you game? the Optoma GT750 obviously is! By adding the 1080 3D support, this new GT750 projector should appeal to a much larger audience than the older model. Realize, all that extra ability comes with a price that is essentially $50 more than the GT720 was selling for when we reviewed it a few months ago. Good job Optoma! The GT750 is a fun projector, that does nicely, precisely what it is intended to do.

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