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Optoma GT750 Projector - Warranty

Posted on July 15, 2013 by Art Feierman

The Optoma GT750 is a low cost gaming projector with 720p HD resolution. With a street price under $800, we didn't expect the best or longest warranty in the business, and as it turns out, the Optoma GT720 comes with a one year parts and labor (limited of course) warranty. That's pretty typical for under $1000 projectors although there are a couple of longer ones. A few offer two years.

Once you get over $1000, though, one year warranties are a lot less common. The majority of $1000+ home projectors have at least two years warranty

Optoma provides a 3 month warranty on the lamp, which is the most common lamp warranty. Lamp life claimed is 3000 hours at full power, and 5000 at low power, so 500 hours while pretty standard, isn't exactly a whole lot of piece of mind, regarding an early lamp failure.

This is your call: While I'm not a huge fan of 3rd party warranties, I have to recommend buying a 2nd year.

A major failure, say, after 13 or 16 months, is going to ruin your day, and may even turn a projector into a doorstop, due to the cost of repair. With two years total warranty, at least if it fails in year three, by then there should be a comparable projector for less, or a better one for the same price. And by then, it might be time for a lamp for your projector.

Bottom Line: The one year Optoma GT750 warranty is very average for this class of projector. Nothing more, nothing less..

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