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Optoma TW675UTi-3D Interactive Projector Review

Posted on April 27, 2011 by Art Feierman

Optoma TW675UTi-3D Projector Highlights

• Line of site PointBlank Interactive Pen device that has drawing and mouse capabilities.
• Full featured remote with Remote Mousing capability
• Very bright at 3200 lumens
• Lamp life up to 3000 hours in standard mode and 2000 hours in bright mode
• A 1 year lamp warranty and 3 year express replacement program

Optoma TW675UTi-3D Projector Overview

More and more interactive projectors have hit the market in the last few years and training professionals and more importantly teachers are seeing the impact that these projectors can have on the learning experience. Interactive projectors of the past were limited and often had shadow issues because the projectors had to sit in front and often far back from the screen. Ultra short throw lenses like the Optoma TW675UTi-3D, have reduced the shadowing effect since projectors can now be mounted within a few feet of the screen and above the presenter. What is even more incredible about ultra short throw lenses is that mounting the projector only a few feet from the wall can produce image sizes large enough to satisfy audiences in a small auditorium size presentation environment.

The Optoma TW675UTi-3D is a WXGA (1280x800) resolution projector that is rated to produce 3200 lumens. It is interactive so it also includes a pen like device that acts like a remote mouse with a few extra features that I will talk more about later in this review. I must note that the TW675UTi-3D that was used in this review was a pre-production model. Any issues that are reported on in this review are more than likely fixed in the production model. However, there were not too many things that I found to be a big issue with the projector.

Optoma TW675UTi-3D Projector Special Features

• Able to project on different color surfaces because of Color Mode feature
• Comes with Qwizdom WizTeach Software for free
• Can choose to purchase projector with mount or without
• Ability to do 3D with Add-on
• Can be controlled via your network

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