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Optoma GT720 Projector Review-4

Posted on July 5, 2011 by Art Feierman

GT720 Lamp Life

Great lamp life. Optoma claims 5000 hours in Eco-mode, and 3000 hours at full power. The Optoma doesn't lose as much brightness as most other projectors though, when dropping down to Eco-mode - less than 10%. Combine that with the excellent brightness of the GT720, and many of you will just run your projectors in Eco-mode, save money, and not notice the small brightness drop.

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Short Throw Lens

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The GT720 has a fixed lens - no zoom at all. That's ok, it's a very short throw design, which places the projector close to your screen or wall. You can fill a 100" 16:9 screen from just over 5 feet. That's very convenient for gaming, and for quick setup in almost any room. The projector will sit well below the screen bottom, due to lots of lens offset.

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GT720 Projector - Audio

The Optoma GT720 serves up a pretty respectable sound quality from the 10 watt system, with two 5 watt speakers. As you would expect, there's no deep bass, but the system has a well rounded sound, not tinny. Not bad for a small projector, but seriously, it's not like having a surround sound system with a sub-woofer!

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