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Optoma GT720 Projector - Image Quality-2

Posted on July 8, 2011 by Art Feierman

Optoma GT720 Black Levels & Shadow Detail-2

Next, is the starship image from The Fifth Element. All the images are a good bit overexposed. This allows you to get a better handle on the black levels. If the starship's brightness is about the same, from image to image, then the projector with the blackest blacks in the letterbox and stars background, is the one with the blacker black performance. (A lot of bright stars in its own right may just reflect gamma differences. It's the blacks you want to be watching).

GT720 5thelement starship large
w1200 5thelement starship large
Pro8200 5thelement starship over large
hc4000 5thelement starship over large
VPL-HW15 5thelement starship large
H1080FD 5thelement starship over large
W6000 5thelement starship large
HD20 5thelement starship over large

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