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Optoma GT720 Projector - Image Quality-4

Posted on July 8, 2011 by Art Feierman

Optoma GT720 - Overall Color & Picture Quality

Tweak the GT720 and it performs reasonably well as a general home projector for TV, HDTV, sports and, of course movies. Color, using our settings is respectable. Even out of the box the GT720 is watchable, though most can do better.

This is an entry level priced 720p projector. As such, it's got its pluses and minuses. In some ways the picture isn't up to the older Optoma HD66 and HD71 projectors, but, once again, they are optimized for different uses.

The next sequence of images are all taken with the same exposure. You are looking at the different properties of the different pre-set modes:

GT720 5thelement mode cinema large
GT720 5thelement mode bright large
GT720 5thelement mode game large
GT720 5thelement mode user large
GT720 5thelement mode presentation large
GT720 5thelement mode presentation large
GT720 5thelement mode classroom large
GT720 5thelement mode blackboard large

Look, for folks who have never adjusted the color and other such settings on their TV, the GT720 will probably be considered just fine in its Cinema mode, or in User mode, if you try our provided settings.

A mix of additional images to show off the Optoma GT720 projector's abilities:

Optoma GT720 Projector: Performance, HDTV and Sports

Click to enlarge. SO close

Note, all HDTV images were photographed with either low to modest ambient light levels. We actually used a good deal of lighting, but the dark walls, ceiling and floor do absorb a great deal of the ambient light.

Click Image to Enlarge

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