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Optoma GT720 Projector - Performance-3

Posted on July 14, 2011 by Art Feierman

Optoma GT720: Bottom Line Sharpness

The GT720 looks fine for a low cost 720p projector. The image bows a little bit (not rectangular), a result of the short throw optics (though it can be done better).

Overall sharpness is good, but the image will look soft compared to any 1080p projector, at least when viewing 1080p content. Again, this is the weakness of working with, and outputting, a lower resolution signal (1080 reduced to 720), rather than optical shortcomings.

Light Leakage

No overt light leakage, that would affect use in a typical family room, bedroom or other handy location. There is a small amount of light leaking through the lens, but you really have to go hunting for it. If this projector had better black level performance, the light leakage might even be noticeable at times, on dark scenes, but overall, forget about it!

Image Noise

I noted some minor motion artifacts - at least more than I'm used to, when using a Silicon Optix test disc. For a true entry level priced projector, I'd have to say, overall, no real problem. Even standard background mosquito type noise, which is more prevalent on DLP projectors, was typical for the breed, and that's good, considering price.

Audible Noise

I'm almost surprised, except we've seen a number of other Optoma single chip DLP projectors in cases about the GT720's size. Audible noise, as expected, is greater than almost any LCD projector - but, hey, there aren't any home LCD projectors anywhere near the price. Comparing the GT720 to other low cost DLP home entertainment projectors, the GT720 seems to be a little quieter than most. Optoma claims 30 db at full power and 28 in eco. Those are good numbers for a low cost DLP.

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