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Optoma HD8200 Projector Highlights

Posted on March 29, 2009 by Art Feierman

HD8200 Projector Highlights

  • One of the brightest of all affordable 1080p projectors when in "best" mode
  • Very limited brightness, in brightest mode, will be an issue for those watching lots of sports, HDTV etc., with some lights on
  • The most placement flexibility we've seen in an under $5000 DLP projector, with a wider range zoom, and lens shift
  • A very sharp image
  • 6x color wheel, TI improvements result in essentially no rainbow effect for those normally moderately affected (such as myself), a major step forward
  • Dynamic iris modes do have some issues, but at least one, offers acceptable performance
  • Physically, somewhat large, but attractive
  • Quiet iris (iris noise a big problem on many older Optoma projectors)
  • Reasonably quiet (fan noise), definitely about average for home theater projectors

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