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Millennials and Projectors: The Optoma ML750ST Ultra-Compact, Short Throw LED Projector - Part 1 - Continued

Posted on September 26, 2016 by Art Feierman
OPTOMA ML750ST LED PROJECTOR - REAL WORLD USAGE:   Using for Movies and TV, Projector Feature Set

How I Use the ML750ST #1 - Movie and TV Viewing at Home

As I have previously said, I had the perfect wall for placing a TV from a viewing standpoint, but my front door (right next to that wall) can swing all the way open, so that was just an accident waiting to happen. Now, I just point the projector at the wall (which is, conveniently, about as white as any proper projector screen would be), and go! I place the projector on my coffee table, it points directly at the crease between my living room wall and the front door. I thought this would be distracting, but the projector is bright enough that I hardly notice the faint crease while viewing.

99% of the time, I get my content from my MacBook Air, since I have subscriptions to Netflix, HBO Go, and DIRECTV (thanks Mom and Dad). (editor's note:  your welcome!) Maybe you have Amazon Prime Video or Hulu—same thing. Initially when I got the ML750ST, I used the included Universal I/O and the VGA adapter my roommate already had to connect the projector to the laptop. Because VGA doesn’t transmit sound, this meant I was still hearing all my Netflix audio through my laptop’s speakers. I didn’t really mind this when it was just me and my roommate watching some pre-bed Iron Chef America, but I could see how, if I was entertaining a group of people for a movie night, I would want the ability to play sound through the projector, which has a 1W speaker. So, Dad ordered me an HDMI cable, which does transmit sound. Now, I can hear my content through the projector, instead of it coming from way off to the side where my laptop is sitting.

I was initially concerned I wouldn’t use a projector often enough for it to be worthwhile, but I was definitely wrong. The ML750ST is so convenient that I’m using it CONSTANTLY. Literally: just power up, plug into your laptop, and your screen is projected onto the wall. An episode of The West Wing on Netflix before bed? A movie night with my boyfriend? A screening of The Bachelorette with a few friends? It’s just an extension of my normal laptop activities, but projected up brightly, colorfully, and audibly up onto my wall and into my home.

ML750ST Performance

Above are some pictures of the Optoma ML750ST. They were taken during the afternoon so there is some ambient light, but much of it is blocked by dark blinds.

The first few show the ambient light, followed by some stills of The Bachelorette, using mirror on my laptop to also manage my "Bachelor Bracket" and surf the web during the show, and some stills from commercials.

Fun Features of the Optoma ML750ST

A few fun things to note about the ML750ST:

  • Short throw lens - ideal for small spaces like a millennial's apartment or for taking on the road and projecting in an impromptu setting. The picture is huge.
  • 3D ready – you can buy optional DLP Link 3D glasses and actually show 3D content on this little guy (plenty available for less than $20)
  • 20,000 hour LED light source life – don’t worry about it burning out!
  • Remote control – am I the only one excited about this?
  • Built-in media player and native office viewer – display Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, photos and video without connecting to your computer - a real plus when I need to use it for "work"
  • Instant power up and power down – SO NICE.
  • Auto keystone correction!!
  • 20,0000:1 contrast
  • Weighs less than 1 lb.
  • HDMI with MHL
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Summary and Comparing to the ML750

So, what's my impression so far? This projector is awesome. Despite really liking the ML750, I immediately loved the ML750ST far more. The picture is remarkably better - bigger, brighter (bigger because I can get a larger image from my coffee table, I couldn't put the older ML750 far enough back), and crisper. Plus, there's something about the white finish and the pretty, convex lens with a nice cover that makes the projector just present better than the black, non-short throw sibling. The auto keystone correction was a big thing for me too!

Otherwise, they're virtually identical and, so far, I think they're both an awesome choice for millennials (or anyone for that matter). It takes less than 1 minute to take the projector out, set it up on my coffee table, turn it on, plug into my laptop, and stream! So far, I'd say it's just as easy is having a TV... I might even venture so far as to say it's easier. To be determined.

Thanks for reading! This was Part 1 of my "life experience" review with the Optoma ML750ST. Remember, you should visit Parts 1 and 2, where we explored the non-short throw ML750. Stand by for the second part of the ML750ST review about how I, a millennial, live with a pocket projector.

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