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Optoma HD65 Shadow Details - 3

Posted on May 22, 2008 by Art Feierman
The image is The HD65
The image is The PT-AX200U

Now for a more balanced scene (where dynamic irises, and AI, are not very effective). The left thumbnail when clicked on, shows a cropped area. This scene has extremely bright areas, and dark. Look at these overexposed images to details of the satellite on the left side.

Optoma HD65
The Panasonic PT-AX200U

I've added one more pair, to let you consider the Optoma HD65 vs. the venerable Sanyo PLV-Z5. The Z5 has been around longer than any other popular 720p projector so it has fewer images in common with the more recently reviewed projectors. Here is an image from Sin City - top is the Optoma, below, the Sanyo PLV-Z5 (note these are not the same frame, but several frames apart, and because the Z5 review was so long ago, captured with two different cameras):

Optoma HD65
The venerable Sanyo PLV-Z5

From Casino Royale, this image is overexposed to reveal the level of detail, in the roof. Under normal viewing, projectors' shadow details vary from the roof being essentially invisible on some projectors, to being able to see every individual tile.

The smaller images below are generic, clicking on them gets you to the overexposed versions from the different projectors. The first image is the Optoma HD65, but the second one, for a change of pace, is from one of the very best performing 1080p projectors, one selling for at least four times the price,

Sony's VPL-VW60.

The first image is the Optoma HD65
VPL-VW60 1080p Projector
The Epson Home Cinema 720

Good, not exceptional black levels and shadow detail, but many folks will be choosing the HD65 for its brightness first, and if you need that brightness, then, you also are likely operating in an environment where there is some ambient light, and some shadow detail and black level performance will normally be lost anyway!

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